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  1. ......If it's on a Saturday my truck and I will be there with some carne asada
  2. Only took a few pics. Picked up some good stuff at Dougs place, driving back home I'm just thinking of everything that I should of grabbed and wishing I beat Ted to that perfect dash!
  3. Had to make a pit stop at little Mexico on casino road
  4. Gonna make this one, anything I should bring food wise?
  5. Need to win these to motivate me to rebuild my KA
  6. I'll take the mounts! Plus you don't have to spend time boxing them up for me!
  7. Having fun with my brothers GoPro, Saturday
  8. That's what I'm planning, been spending too much money on a forester I bought! Hopefully I don't have to spend too much money to get this KA running! Thank you! The seats came with the truck when it was given to me! They are from a Honda Accord I believe. They are a little to big for the regular cab, work ok for a shorter person!
  9. Picked up a KA last year for 100.00, been sitting in my garage taking up space! Finally started tearing it apart a few weeks ago cuz I couldn't get it to turn by hand......pics will tell you why! Was able to beat out the Pistons, cylinders don't look too bad, hoping that just honing will take care of them!
  10. Saturday works better for me! Could have some carne asada!
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