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Hitachi sidedraughts carburetor (Twin SU)


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A guy here in town is selling a Twin SU carb that came out of a A12T motor. Would it fit my A14 motor? Will it bolt in to my current intake manifold?

The guy wants $100 for it.

Is it worth it?


Don't know much about carburetors.

Any advice will help.


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Pics of carbs?


He could be trying to sell you the junk-emission Zcar carbs that aren't worth their weight in scrap.

Never know with non-members/CL'rs.


Square opening on the engine side? Walk away.

But if legit and came off an A-worth it!


Do they come with a manifold?

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Does he have the heat shield?  return springs? all linkage?  Isolators with gaskets..  air cleaner would be a bonus too!  nearly impossible to find a stock one.  Not that you could actually use it in your car but it would be a bonus



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