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  1. Sounds like Kelly, he's got that tattoo
  2. Lemme know if you wanna feel out the 40 sometime, or if you see me out wrenching just stop by, 18th and friendly across from the catholic school, kinda small driveway.. Yeah Cascade Lakes is a great drive. Last time I drove through, the stretch between devils lake and todd lake was just starting to get covered in snow and I was in the 210 so I cut off onto one of the forest roads and had some fun. :rofl: I hear hwy 242 just opened back up, it'd be nice to get a few people together for a drive up the observatory on a full moon sometime.
  3. Cruised down to Crater Lake Saturday night to catch the sunrise. Ended up taking the long loop and going up Cascade Lakes highway and up to Smith Rock on the way back to Eugene. ~500 mile day in the desert and not a single problem with the wagon.
  4. Yeah it will never be totally smooth across all 4 unless you can get your hands on a lynx mani. It's fine though, doesn't seem to vibrate more than usual. Plenty reliable and a lot better than a Hitachi. And yeah, my brother Zach's got a silver 210, but he's been driving my flesh colored 210 lately. I've rocked those caps on every datsun I've had, but I don't wanna mess em up so I always find something else. Hoods gotta go darker, but I had the blue and white was the worst. yeah dude stop by or hit me up anytime!
  5. I picked this wagon up last August. Put all new door seals and window felts in and parked it til spring. Had a few weeks of dailying it until I happened upon a 210 that was a much better daily for the winter. thanks for the photo izzo That's basically the current state but it started here: Did some things, washed it, put some sound deadening in the floor, slowed down the leak in the filler neck. Went a little lower, got some tires Got a single 40. Went for a drive Dropped in a new windshield Threw together some sort of headliner Put in a 5 speed, started going a little lower And got back from canby with some coilovers and replacement rockers but the coilovers are on. rabbit inserts, stock 510 strut Lots to do still, but it's a start.
  6. Lookin so fresh with the front lower.
  7. Here's all the pictures I got: https://goo.gl/photos/oVfpJotrg7tKKfVd8 Good weekend. May not have been as many people as usual but it was great all the same. Good seein everyone.
  8. leaving Eugene tomorrow evening sometime. Anyone cruising through?
  9. I don't really know what I meant by that, guess yuppie is the wrong word for Bend but eh whatever. There are parts of Bend (most of it really) where people are chill and everythings gravy but I've been to other parts of town and felt like a total outsider because I wasn't classy enough for the locals (also I wasn't decked out in patagonia so I couldnt fake it :rofl: ). I've got no problem with people being classy or having nice things, but having nice things doesn't make you classy. I guess that shits everywhere these days though.
  10. Well, I live in Eugene but I pass through Bend somewhat often and know a few people in town so take this as an outsiders perspective. Bend doesn't have as much of a tech/art scene as the valley, seems like they're more in the business of tourism, milking yuppies, and most of all being so goddamn beautiful and close to mt bachelor/sisters wilderness/smith rock. There's a guy on the forums somewhere that brews for a brewery over there. Maybe he'll chime in. 510BendOR
  11. I'll be looking for a solid 5 speed and a driveshaft.
  12. I'll be cruising up from Eugene. There a convoy coming through this year?
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