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  1. im looking for short runner intake manifold for DCOE, so i can clear the brake booster. thanks  in advance

  2. i know this is about a few years od, but do you still have that mikuni intake manifold?


  3. Not sure if this has been covered but i need a bit of help.i wired my 68 510 with a sohc ka according to the diagram. Everything is good. Motor starts everytime. The issue is when i turn the motor off the fuel pump keeps turning on and off. The only way i can get it to stop is to disconnect the fuse.. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Bump!! Any new ideas... doing a single cam ka swap on my 68 510.. just want to see if anyone has new radiator ideas.
  5. I like that one... it actually has an error on the side.. says 208zx
  6. All the ones in sd.. i went to national city and they had several... the orange one is harder to get
  7. Found them at Tru... they are greenlight.. didnt buy the skylines though
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