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question from a friend on the 510

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OK has another question need to get him to start a account on here. OK so still flipping through and ogling the pics he took he remembered that the front passenger door was creased in the front and wondered if the front door on the coupes was the same size as the ones used on the sedan? (Length fender to jam) reason he wonders is because he found a company that makes door skins for the coupe

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OK now if anyone with a coupe could measure their door it would be much appreciated


Coupes were not available in the US. You may be waiting a bit for a Coupe owner to measure their doors... there are only a couple on this site. 

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Import only, right hand drive, true JDM coupes were also 2 door ... so they are not going to fit anyway.


The North American two door sedan's doors will also be too long.


You said the front passenger door so I'm going out on a limb here and assume you have rear passenger door making this car a 4 door???? The only front passenger doors that will fit are another 4 door or one from a station wagon.



FOR door



TOO door





Note steering wheel on right and the rear roof line?Tail lights?

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OK I feel like no one on here knows that you can reskin a door without changing the door my question is how much longer is a coupe door than a front door on a 4door so I know how much of the skin I will have to trim to make it the right length


You keep saying coupe. There were no coupes here. There were 2 and 4 door sedans and wagons. That's it.




You are going to trim a longer 2 door skin to fit a 4 door, based on someone else's measurements?

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The 2door and coupe should have the same Door length and I needed measurements from a 4door to know how bad this door has been tweeked by whatever accident caused the damage the measurements from a coupe or 2door are just to know about how much extra I should have to work with not really necessary for the fix later on down the road

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