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  1. How wide was the bracket you had to weld to the frame for the 510 rear sub?
  2. Well guess I really need to get the wiring done on the truck need to quit neglecting it
  3. Only me and one other Datsun guy left in the area my friend ended up trading his 620 and got 2 s13s both shells no motor trans interior just suspension
  4. Well been a while since I was on here got the new starter on she starts n runs great got a momentary switch from work so no more f*** ups Idle was high n getting higher the longer it was driven video was after I got it fixed. Had to drive it to the parts store and the electric fan broke apart destroying the radiator. Got new radiator 3row aluminum with fan need to mod the hood to get it to clear yay still need to wire the headlights
  5. Looking good man. I hot cammed mine s13 ka24de 4-2 header high compression still can't figure out why it just hooks n books
  6. I'm about to call on a 1st gen rx7 to get the 12a out of it
  7. No I replaced all my lines with 5/16 used the pump in the pathfinder tank
  8. Still falling behind bro lol jk looking good I need to wire headlights, turn signals and put my 4 point harnesses in
  9. I ran it right alongside the other line in factory location I ran 5/16 all the way
  10. I'm ordering some jeep tierod ends and having a custom center rod made
  11. Welcome man did it twice with same motor n trans
  12. Ya man best shot I got with the po
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