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anyone know any links to good but affordable radiators for a 70 521 ? ive heard about champion but thats a little more then im able to spend at the moment.. i read on a past topic or post that there was japanese brand radiator similar to champion but they were going for around $118 and had a lifetime warranty ?

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I believe that in general, they are the same radiators, the only thing that might be different is the mount brackets on the sides, and that might be the same also, I bought a 510 radiator a while back, it looked to be the same as my 521 radiator, but I did not mount it, it just sits in it's box till I need it.


The cap is in a slightly different place, but otherwise it should work.

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Early L16 620 rads have the inlet on the right that later moved to the left side. I wouldn't let a rad hose stop me.


L16 521s have inlet on left, 510s are on the right. Part numbers are close but not the same.

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