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  1. iCruZ

    WTB: 521 1600 Badges/Emblems

    yeah the apron like ggzilla said, couldn't think of the word mine has a pretty dramatic damage to it... wonder what the previous owner might have ran over..
  2. I did try to post this WTB in the part/ for sale class fields but its not allowing me for whatever reason. looking for all emblems and badges for a 1600 521 (year:1970) if possible also the lower lip or skirt for the for the front grill, the one i have heard always gets damaged or bent? -thank you
  3. iCruZ

    ratsun 510 ?

    any photos possible to show ? ill be a little surprised if no one has attempted this build
  4. iCruZ

    ratsun 510 ?

    sweet. i got curious if anyone has tried
  5. iCruZ

    ratsun 510 ?

    i had no luck finding it, probably wasn't searching the right info
  6. iCruZ

    ratsun 510 ?

    is there a ratsun member who actually has a 2 door 510 built like the one on the top of the page ? green paint, rims and exhaust...etc ?
  7. iCruZ

    Psycho Killer 521

    mind if i ask what rims it came with ?
  8. iCruZ

    Newb Question

    What's the Lug Pattern for a 70-521 ? I'm guessing 6x5 ? & Thread ? & also what is the widest rim/tires you can fit on a stock set up ? -Thanks
  9. iCruZ

    OldSkool's 521 Thread...the Mad Idiots Journal.

    Mind me asking the Paint code you used ? oldskoolvws
  10. iCruZ

    I have this Idea..

    thanks for the advice ill keep that in mind ! :thumbup:
  11. iCruZ

    I have this Idea..

    I want to paint the exterior of my 521 a neutral color nothing bright or to flashy but that is still a whiles away. the idea i have that i thought i could get opinions on the underside of my hood i plan on removing the support pieces to sand under and remove the remaining rust but they will be welded and glued back. i began sanding it at work and theirs still dark spots on some areas and metal showing on others and i Dig the way it is looking but wanted to see what you guys might think. :thumbup: SORRY THE PHOTO IS SO SMALL Good idea to just clean it up more and clean it with wax and grease remover to clear coat it a few times or seal then paint ?
  12. Found this pretty sweet thought I would share this with those of you on thise awesome sight who might have not swwn this video before. http://youtu.be/_6c8FnK4jcA
  13. iCruZ

    Original Paint

    thanks that's exactly what i was looking for ! :thumbup:
  14. iCruZ

    Original Paint

    ill keep trying the search bar, the link lead me to an error page though. thanks though !
  15. iCruZ

    Original Paint

    aha not so much just shrunk my photos a 'tad' bit.. :rofl:

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