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1968 Dash and perfect Dash Pad.. Whats it worth ??

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Dumb Question but I bought a 1968 this morning for parts and I noticed the dash pad was perfect.. 


Thought about putting it on my 1970 wagon or selling the entire dash...


This isnt a Joke..  Its a true 1968... it has zero cracks...  dont ask me how.. My daily driver 1970 pad is rotted off...



second part of the question..   anyone ever swapped the dash from a 68' to a 70 ?? 


Thanks for the info...


sorry , couldnt figure out how to post the picture...




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You can swap the dash but I don't think the dash pad from the '68 will fit any other year. The '68 has a 6" wide 'dip' in the center not present on the '69 and the complete dash was changed '70 after.


While the '68 is the most unique of all 510s they are few and far between and a bitch to find parts for. I guess you could charge about anything you want for it.


The rear bumper has a license light in it. Only year to do so.


Front 'arrow' style fender marker lights are unique to it and the '69s.


Wipers fold down into the center so keep them and the linkages/motor. Keep also the valance the wiper arms come through and the radio antenna for it.


Rear pillar side air vents are chromed metal (only '68 and '69 had this)


Front grill and the DATSUN badge is unique to this year


Rear tail lights are unique to this year.


Save and sell/pass on everything...

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If the dash is complete and the pad is uncracked, Id think you could get $600 out of it. The 68 pad should fit a 69 frame, but as mentioned there is a hump in the center... I dont think its a problem though. You can swap the 68 dash into the 70, but you would need all new mounting points welded into the car as they are different between the years. 

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yeah I had thought about swapping the entire dash , frame , pad , gauges etc.. into my 70" or using my fiberglass dash cap on my wagon and selling the 68' dash..


I found the car nose down in a ditch in a guys back yard.. the rear window is missing and the inside is trashed and has a tree growing in it yet the dash is perfect ??  go figure...


The guy I bought it from tried to sell the dash for $600 on the Realm im told and he was laughed at ??   


Im not a forum guy .. just trying it out...   Im a Dime lover like everyone else here... thought id ask ya'll..    Thanks for the info...

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Just blew it up. Id be willing to pay something like 450-475 for that dash... Your gauge cluster is pretty chewed up, youre missing some switches, and other than the dash, all the padding looks sun bleached and probably pulling apart. Overall physically decent though. 

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