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You guys see this kingcab 620 on CL?

Guest DatsuNoob

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haha, I like that :D

well, I've got a big check comming my way. I'll go check out that white truck first and then maybe the red one. If anyone else wants that red one don't feel bad at all if you go buy it before me. Like Barney always says, "First come, first serve!"

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2eDeYe;7651']Looks like a candidate (sp) for an Icehouse KA swap :D




Haha I wonder what I would get for that truck with a ka and shined up on EBAY? I could turn it into a job :D


Icehouse has too much going on right now.


maybe a cannidate for a Bleach CA swap? ;)


I would help out : D


Do it bleach!!! I would donate $20 to the cause! I don't know why' date=' but I think I want you to have a truck again worse than you do.[/quote']


I would donate 21 just so I could be cooler than you :P

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I want a blue convertible 620 longbed. :)


There is a REALLY nice orange 78 kingcab on Craigslist right now for a premium price. I like that truck but not for that much money.


I know a of longbed like that :D


I saw that ad...clean truck, might even be a fair price, but he'd probably have better luck getting that much on ebay.

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