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check this '71 Pro Street 521

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You might think that it is ugly or a waste, but give credit where credit is due. He has alot of time in that truck. Chopped , suicide doors , everything shaved, mustang 2 clip, etc...IT may not be your cup of tea, but boy it is a cool truck. My buddy in Port Orchard Layout the flames and I saw it in his shop and I will tell ya , Id take it.....But to each his own...:)

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Guest DatsuNoob

That's a grip of dough for something that you wouldn't drive everyday. (This one's for Icehouse) Personally if I were gonna spend that kinda money, I'd get an SUV.:D HAHAHAHA, or go to Canada and slap down a nice chunka change on a Skyline or even a Silvia. Decent truck, but not exactly my thing.

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