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wrecked 78

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Wasnt this truck on craigslist last month??


Dislexic, I have one of those knockoff's if you want to start collecting them. I dont have a base for it, just the spinner. Brand new, never even installed on a vehicle.



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Paid for it today.


I asked if he had started it since the hit and he said no. I said lets try it.

He says the fan might be stuck ..I says ..I don't give a shit it's mine now.


Well two or three pumps and she fired right up. It was deqd April 15 and passed.


Seats aren't great but they are buckets.


Dash is fu**ed up...cracked.


I would consider selling the whole thing. If the windshield hadn't of shattered I think it would be driveable.


I should have it home by weeks end.

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I'll be happy to buy 'em from you - don't care if the're stiff, as long as they're not cracked or split (if I soak 'em in Vinylex for a couple of weeks before trying to do anything with 'em, they might go in ok). Would also like to get the hood prop rod and it's clips....


Few other things if they're there and any good:

-Kind of a long shot, but if the inner tailgate panel is still on it and you don't sell it with the tailgate

-Sunvisors if they're still there and in decent shape

-Inner shift boot if it's still good (the one that attaches to the tunnel at the base of the shift lever)

-Front section of the console (if its still there and in one piece)


If you would, e-mail or pm when you know whether you're going to part it or not.....



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