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GINA - BMW Concept

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First thought was "nothing's new" as early cars had cloth skins. Then thought about Bangle's cars and how he builds what he wants, not what customer's want (irrelevent I suppose, and perhaps not really true).


But most importantly it is cool how the shape can change dynamically, as driver wants, or as needed. Spoiler? It's in their, just not sticking out. Headlights? ditto. Pretty cool.

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your making me saab...


Mitsubishi also made aircraft... dodge, chevy, etc made aircraft... almost every manufacturer at least made engines that were used in some type of aircraft... even datsun engines were used in aircraft.


Aluminum was used in aircraft before cars, carbon fiber... turbine engines were a flop when introduced for autos, but they were made...

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Well, it continues BMW's trend towards uglydom.


Thats what I was thinking!


It would be fun to pull the "skin" of and drive it around though :D I bet that would look nice :D

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I like it... not much for the overall look of it, but the cloth/rubber concept is great. The taillights are nothing new though, and the "hood" looks awkward, but other than that it's neat.


On a semi-related topic... has anyone noticed that the tail-lamps on the new BMW's look like rising suns?

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