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A few more 510 parts. Bumpers, heaters, stainless, ect.

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2- Front bumpers $50 each BOTH SOLD
2 sets- Headlight surrounds $50 a set
1969 valance lights -$$50 for the pair.
Fender trim, drivers side only. $25 1-SOLD Have one left
Passenger side fender- $80
Heater boxes -$50 each 1-SOLD- Have 1 left
Drivers side rear floor pan -$40
L-series electronic matchbox dizzy, no pedestal. -$50 SOLD
L-16/L-18 5 bolt flywheel. $30 SOLD
L-16/L-18 timing cover, fuel pump, oil pump ect. -Make offer.
Stock 510 head rests. Black, nice shape. -$45 for the pair.
Stainless trim under the grill -$75 -SOLD
I can ship on your dime.


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What kind of finish is on the black headlight surrounds? (Paint? powdercoat? something super cool I don't even know about yet, etc.?)

They are just spray painted. Should be real easy to clean off.


Looking for a pair of 510 defroster tubes.  If you have a pair cost with shipping to 85353.


Thank you

I don't think I have any vent tubes but I will double check and let you know if I find some in my stash.

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