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  1. deans510

    Clutch and Flywheel Combo

    Thanks Mike, I'm using the fiber disc from the D21 assembly but the PP is way bigger in diameter than either FW. Dean
  2. deans510

    Clutch and Flywheel Combo

    I have 2 Fidanza FW's, 229501 for a Skyline R33 2.5L 93-98. The other one, NIS3-6621 143P that I've had in my 510 2dr btw '89 KA24 engine & stock KA 5 speed. Both of these are 240MM. The 229501 has a new friction disc on it, but I can't find a decent street clutch set for it. Most of the cheapest ones are in the $500 to $600 price range & go up to over $1500 for racing clutches. I would like to use a clutch set for around $250 or less. I've also come up dry for a new clutch set for the NIS3-6621 143P in that price range, any ideas? This is the FW I'm going to have to use. I'm going to sell the 229501 because there seems to be only racing high $$ clutches available for it. Someone with an R33 may find it good for them. Any help would be appreciated. Dean
  3. deans510

    Clutch Set Advice

    I need advice on what would be a good non racing, street only clutch set for a 240mm Fidanza FW I'd like to use with my newly rebuilt Rebello KA24 engine and trans. The KA24 engine and trans I'm replacing has a 225mm Fidanza FW clutch set. Dean gzentas510@outlook.com
  4. deans510

    temp sensor to match stock PL510 temp gauge

    Thanks, everyone! Dean
  5. I have a stock PL510 temp gauge but its connected to a temp sensor (thermistor) on the KA24 engine swapped into my 2dr. I don't have any movement on the gauge with this combination. Anyone know what the correct sensor is for the stock PL510 temp gauge? Dean deans510@gmail.com
  6. deans510

    Front 280ZX Brake Problem

    The result of this brake problem was the removal of the small spring clip that's riveted to the back of the inside brake pad. The rivet caused the brake pad to skew sideways & bound up the rotor. Removed the rivet and all is good. As a side note, I acquired an extra pair of new speed bleeders for stock rear brake cylinders which I can't use because I have the complete 280ZX braking system on my 2dr. If any one would like these for the cost of S&H, please LMK at the email below. Dean deans510gmail.com
  7. deans510


    Thanks Mike. Dean
  8. deans510


    I've tried to PM several members who have full mail boxes, most recently d-510, and others. Is there some way to contact these members other than PM??? Dean deans510@gmail.com
  9. deans510

    Member derek72_521

    Anyone know how to contact the above? Tried to send a message but he couldn't receive anything. Dean deans510@gmail.com
  10. Get the parking brake assembly too, including the handle, it's pedestal and bridle. Send me your email address and I'll send you my DQ article on the 280ZX brake upgrade. Dean
  11. deans510

    280ZX Alternator

    Anyone know what the "P" connection is for. The unit I'm replacing dosen't have this connection. Any help is greatly appreciated, TIA Dean deans510@gmail.com
  12. deans510

    What's the meaning behind your user name?

    It's possessive,
  13. deans510

    240Z ControlArm Bushings

    Well, has anyone fabricated this tool? Or is there a special tool that Nissan offers to do this? Leaving them in is not much of a solution. Dean deans510@gmail.com
  14. deans510

    Ride height adjusters- rear

    I fabricated an adjustable rear spring mount that we used in '98 on the One Lap of America. We had to make this adjustment 2 times a day over a 9 day period at 9 different tracks. Unless you need to make frequent adjustments, this is not really worth while. I think I still have the article, and if you're interested, email me and I'll send it to you. Dean deans510@gmail.com
  15. deans510

    240Z ControlArm Bushings

    On a '72 240Z, we need to remove the outboard rod (10" long) that the bushings fit on. This is the rod that is located nearest the brake backing plate. Need to buy or borrow the special tool that does this, ANYONE? Dean deans510@gmail.com DONE

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