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Finally! A few pics

Guest DatsuNoob

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Guest DatsuNoob

Here's some pics of the truck. Can someone tell me what these wires go to that I'm holding? I know that the blue one is the choke wire now, but am confused as to what the other ones go to. They're located in the harness near the driver side headlights. F' in clueless :confused:

Picture 067_thumb.jpg

Picture 065_thumb.jpg

Picture 068_thumb.jpg

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Guest DatsuNoob

Nah, I just bought the header from Frank. I actually picked this truck up in Rochester from my girlfriend's stepdad's father for $300. It ran like crap when I got it, the Hitachi carb barely got me home. I drove with one hand on the wheel and one hand pulled back on the manual choke to keep the rpm's up and the sputtering to a minimum (I think I actually broke the linkage from pulling it back too far, but it was the only way to get it home). It was slow going, people were honking at me, flipping me off, swerving at me. There are tons of damn impatient discourteous drivers out there.

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Now I IS GOT TO SAY something here. Is this a OPTICAL ILLUSION HERE????

Is this carb 180 degress off????? Most time the cable pull is in the back!!!!!!!!! NOT THE front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I gave you my chezzy DVDs You should have caughtr that the throttle linkgae should be in the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I assume this is a 32/36 DGV carb?

There is a DGFV I think but the linkage pull is the other way


But this look definatly WRONG!!!! Unless You have a carb I dont know about


I can tell by the bind on that cable. That should be in the back like the stock one and plus you can USE the CABLE linkage puller. They are interchangable.Mean it will fit on the Weber the stockDatsun puller and dont need to use the onw Weber supplies!!!!!!! But looks like you cut the lead ball end off the stock end cable!!!!!!!!!!!!


the 32 size side of the carb will be toward the valve cover(look at the intake manifold. your 2 hole the inside one is smaller!!!!!!!!!



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Guest DatsuNoob

Well, the throttle pulls that way, if it was reversed it would need to have the linkage placed to pull from the passenger side of the vehicle, and those damn things are so short from the firewall it's ridiculous. Not sure about what to do there, unless I can find a longer linkage cable. I saw it was hooked up with the choke facing away from the valve cover in the diagram that came with the kit, but also noticed that the butterfly on the bottom of the carb hits the hole on the adapter plate, and wont fully open if positioned the other way. I even went as far as hitting it gently with an aluminum oxide grinding stone for clearance. Would it hurt anything to have it mounted this way, or do I need to flip it around?

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Yes the carb is mounted wrong.


Now I havent owned 620 so I dont know the cable length but since you went from the front it would seem the the cable is long enough and use the stock Datsun puller. I would have assume you would have just copied the stock layout and use the same cable mount routing.


Yes the cable pulls from the passenger side.(comes traight out also not to cut into the cable.

I would assume it was that way before and why would you change it(as stock).


Im just letting you kknow. I will let someone else explain better since Im not on my computer her and I got to go.

But pulling th cable to the front then across shows to me the cable is long enough when all you do is come out of the firewall and do a U shape bend to the cable stock cable puller(install it to the Weber, but the lead ball is not gone) ans use the stock cable hold down or slightly mod it and it should work


Look at my DVD again

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Yes I started thinking about your Carb.


If the 32 size side is on the valve cover side with the accell pump that is corect. I wonder if the carb was assmebled wrong. Cause the linkakage part should be on the fire wall side.

You know Weber had a labor STRIKE and I wonder if someone was fucking around here. There is definatly something wrong with your set up. But if the choke location is on the valve cover side then yes it is correct in a way but linkage should be near the fire wall. at least for a 32/36 DGEV. if that is the true correct part #


I was hoping Datsun Mike or Datsunaholic.Mklotz would have caught this also.

Phot is looking FROM valve cover side


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Guest DatsuNoob

hmmmm... weird, my carb doesn't really look like that. I dont have any vaccuum lines(aside from the vac. advance), no return line, and if flipped around would the linkage would push instead of pull, and it doesn't open but halfway because the primary butterfly hits one of the lips on the adapter plate. I was scratching my head at this when looking how it was set up in the instructional diagram. The choke points away from the valve cover, and I wanted to keep everything the same way as the pic but pretty much had to mount it that way. I'll really watch that DVD today and see what I can figure out. Haven't had much time to study it between all the children's programming the boy watches. I can pretty much recite every line in "CARS", "Over the Hedge", and "Spiderman" though. HAHAHA :D

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I have 4 carbs built under license to Weber including a Holley. These carbs were from GM Ford and Chrysler cars. If the primary is toward the valve cover they would have to be mounted like Noob's is, with fuel inlet on firewall side and cable to the front pulling away from valve cover.


If you need a longer cable get one from a Z engine 720 truck. The carb is on the passenger side and the cable is longer. The bolts on the firewall may be horizontal but you should be able to figure something out.


Two of these carbs have a water chokes, two others have choke butterflys on both barrels, one has manual secondary and they all look like some parts would switch.

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Guest DatsuNoob

Yeah, I know... I'm forever in debt to Hainz's generosity and knowledge, what a guy, came out to my house today and got my truck goin'. I'll post a new thread about what a NOOB I am so you guys can rip on me :o. Plans for the truck are #1, get the bitch runnin sweet, finish my exhaust. #2 drop the rear 2-3 inches to get rid of the rat rodder rake status and match the front, #3 find some decent fenders and doors, clean up those nasty hook nubs, #4 maybe some H4's with the amber inners and maybe a smaller Banzai detail on the hood(haven't decided yet, but I wanna be a little different than the full-on banzai)

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