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Those with W53 heads:

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I run BPR8ES... it's more critical what ignition you are using than what head casting. Unfortunately I just lost a nearly new set of plugs when I sent a head in for milling and forgot to take them out. So I guess I'll use a set of used Bosch Platinums I had in my 4X4 just to test fire the engine (and extract the truck from the backyard)


The only thing I use Autolites for it to keep dust/dirt/moisture out of engines that aren't in cars...

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I used to run NGK"s, but my Z with triple webers would foul them. So I switched to Bosch platnum 4's and I could'nt have been happier. Smoother rpm range and definely more power. They are about 6-7 bucks a peice, but well worth it in my opinion. I don't think it matters the head casting for the spark plugs. Unless its boosted.

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Bosch Platinum, not that they are the best but I did put them in about 5-6 ? years ago and being trouble free, I totally forgot about them. Even blew a h/g and changed it and never thought to check them. They just run and run.

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Bosch Platinum, not that they are the best but ...


ive run em too, didnt think the +4 was any better then the +2 though, esp for the $$$.


only NGK now!


:fu: or as others say "german plugs do not belong in a japanese motor"

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