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  1. Spotted banzai510(hainz) in his 521 in Renton last Sunday afternoon.
  2. Hey I think thats David's old car 73dime on the forums and belonged to Dom before that.
  3. Not sure if repost but early 80's 200sx http://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/cto/4132248878.html
  4. Any interest for a meet at this location this Sunday 21st? Just curious.
  5. Anyone local Seattle area or someone attending Blue Lake wanna trade my Blvd. Skyline for a Blvd. WAGON?
  6. Put my car in for slumber after a weekend of 510 fun. Also spotted banzai510 Hainz in his 521 honked and waved as he kept on truckin.
  7. If 14's deep offset yes 13's not so much.
  8. Nice to hear your cheating on your motorcycle with the 510, for now anyway. :)
  9. Anyone thats going have a extra HW Blvd. Wagoon that they're down to trade for my Blvd. Skyline?
  10. I edited that part I wasnt sure about them not coming from factory on pre 70's
  11. Thanks for the replies on hardware. Pretty simple but, for those not running the splash shield and plan on it in the future, make sure your mounting brackets are intact near the front crossmember, or you'll scratch your head like I've been. Apparently mine are absent, so I can forgettaboutit for now. I'd like to add this in the near future, supposed to help with temperatues. The pic that i posted was found on ratsun. Duh theres a bracket in the pic.
  12. Anyone know the bolt sizes, so I can mount this bitch? Thanks
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