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Alright, I know I'm probably asking to get flammed here (same as with my thread on the civic...) but maybe I like the abuse! K dawg?


Anyway, I have been racking my brain and thinking that if I really want to start building Datsuns I am going to need a few things. Storage space, a place for tools/equipment, a car carrier, and ofc a truck/SUV/some damn thing! that can pull the car carrier. Call me crazy but I think I am going to focus on that very last bit first since I'm sure I can talk my grandma out of an acre or so when I need it.


So here goes. I am looking for something to pull a car carrier and, just because I like to be difficult, I would prefer it be a Datsun :P  Nothing like a Datsun towing some Datsuns right? Sadly, something is telling me that there are no Datsuns that will be up to that task. Literally, I think I cried when this came to me. Unless I can grab some wildly modified 4x4, I can't see the stock Datsun frames being able to haul a car carrier and car very far. If someone can tell me I'm wrong I will be a little happier, but I'm scared of pulling 3500-5500lbs with a 2200lbs truck...


Looks like for now I am uhauling cars to and fro, but hopefully people much smarter than me get their brains going on this and come up with some interesting ideas and/or funny stories/pictures :P


What can I say, I'm bored...

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How many do you have and how ofter do they really need to be moved? Otherwise pay to have it towed to your Grandmas. If it needs to go for paint get it running first and drive it there. Temp plate is cheaper than owning a carrier.... that needs a plate and insurance and something to pull it... and....

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If you really want to be able to haul a trailer... and want to keep it old school and on a budget... your best bet is to probably find yourself and older dodge/ford/chevy truck or SUV - Old school suburbans are pretty awesome- While they are not imports... and i like my japenese cars... (Datusn, subaru, and toyota pickup)- those old school american vehicles have quite their own character

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From experience I can tell you that this will significantly increase sway when towing a front-engine car.  Still doable but keep the speed lower.





I have seen the results of a guy (who swore he new better than me about towing cars) as to what happens when you tow a car this way.


End result, jacknifed and rolled trailer, tow car damaged, car being towed Fckued.


/ thread hijack

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How many do you have and how ofter do they really need to be moved?


For now? I have one. So far the only reason it will end up on a trailer would be for paint, but now that I am looking to paint it myself I don't need that anymore. I plan on picking up my second Datsun, a B210 next weekend. Luckily the seller is willing to deliver, so I dodge a bullet there.


I think it is more that I want to be able to have a backup if something were to happen, or if I were to find a vehicle really far away (the B210 is 250 miles round trip). I have honestly looked at some old american trucks. Found a beater 63 chevy that looks promising, but I'm sure it will be gone before I get the money for it.


As far as towing a rwd on a dolly, I don't think that is safe. I know plenty of people do it, but I also know my 620 steering does not lock. I have seen some pretty messed up cars because of steering locks failing.


Well, I guess no one posted any funny pictures or stories so we will break down the most likely future for my car hauling experiences. Most likely I will find some old American V-8, buy my neightbors car carrier that hasn't moved 4 years, and go hunting. Lets just hope that the V-8 is pre 1980 so I can haul the Datsuns in style :)

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I've towed plenty of RWD cross-state.  Even with the transmission hooked up.  Best to disconnect the driveshaft, but I've never had damage.   It won't hurt the rear axle in any way.


For towing a trailer you'll want at least a mid-size truck with a 6000lb towing capacity (assuming a light <1500 lb trailer) or SUV. 


I use a full-size 1984 Chevy 5/4 ton, ex military CUCV.  Or my Deuce and a Half.  Tad bit overkill on the latter.  My trailer is overkill too (10K gross, 8K payload).   But I use them for other things too.  If it was around one car a year, just rent.

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I wonder what my mom's new (93) cherokee is rated at... I figure since I bought it I should be able to use it and that would atleast cover the <400 mile trips.


As of next week I will have gotten/moved 3 cars since January, and I can see atleast one more move before April. Another thing I was looking at is if I purchase some land from my grandmother it will most likely become a body/custom A/V shop in the middle of no where, so I could use the truck and trailer for pickup and delivery, but that requires tons of insurance and my family to actually agree to run a business together...

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