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I want a set a Datsun mud flaps

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Thanks guys, I saw those I'm just a cheap bastard hehe It's been slow in the heating/ac biz so I can't drop that kinda cheddar :( thanks for the link though.





I have a pair for you Mr House.

They are the Datsun 620 style that say Datsun on them. I'll bring them home with me this weekend. :D


I bet they are mint to, how often could mud be on them in a state where the sun never goes away :D


how has your trip been? Are you still down there? If you are stop by slowdats and pic up some swingarms for me :D


And they were 25% off because it was raining :cool:



I bet the rain followed Kevin. haha I want of pic of this "rain" you speak of, I can't imagine it really raining down there hehe.

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it was overcast in the morning like it is in most coastal cities. we barely got a sprinkle as we went to the yard at 9am. It was warm the whole day though :D


My trip is going good. its sunny and hot today!


I also got some projector headlights at the yard


The mud flaps are in pretty good shape. Not mint but in good shape. I actually found three but I kept only the best 2 of the three.

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