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My custom arm / bolt issue


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Here what I had made the issue I have is the bolt is to short for me to put a. Nut on the end which I need a longer thread so I made do this any thoughts I'm a abit stumped the machinest here won't touch it or make me one .... Jerks I was rather annoyed with everyone I went too.....

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Slap some Viagra on it............ :D ..........

Do you think the end of the control arm where the ball joint mounts is strong enough?


Ahhh damn lol u have some ? Send some on over and beef the bolt right up lol


I think it is strong enough it's 10g steel that's was used and the. Bent

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you don't want a D21 shaft since the bolt holes are too far apart. I've address most of this in my vids on youtube and in the Mend build thread. If you didn't size the arm to the cross shaft first, you may have to build a custom cross shaft like the one Beebani uses on his adjustable upper arms.



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Took these while I was in the shop today. The "nuts" do come off, but they're on there really tight. Once you got them off, they would not work in the new arm anyway because there's no way to duplicate the thread they screw into.






..and the bushings for the 720 cross shaft/arm






This is the 720 cross shaft.....you can clearly see the difference in this pic.




The bolt holes are a bit bigger than the 521's. You'll want to sleeve them. I've got info about that on my ball joint mod, but I didn't come across them just now. You've got bigger fish to fry at the moment anyway.

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Well that help....the question is can I use the cross bar from a "83" 720 ? Finding a bushing wouldnt be the issue .... Are the bolt hole the same distance or not at all? After all said and done ill mock everything up on my junk truck before I tear my running truck down for the swap.... Bigger fish ? I'm confused haha?

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bigger fish to fry as in bigger problems to solve first.......such as getting a cross shaft and bushings that will work with the arms that are already built.


Anyone know if the 620(disc) cross shaft has smaller holes like the 521? The holes are spaced the same as the 521.

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I think we talked in a pm about pulling the lower arms. I decided to do a vid to make it easier to understand since it's kind of hard to get in text format.







only the first half pertains to this.....the second half was dealing with some of the other ball joint mod.

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Ahhh been lil busy here I'll have to take a look at that ... All would need is the cross bar. Cuzs then can go car quest here and we can find a bushing to fit with my arm and crossbar. I found one for my 620 bar suxs it short an can't use that... I gotta get to the junk yard an get that 720 cross bar

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