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L28 to 5 Speed Performance Clutch Advice?


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Im planning to swap my stock 4 speed from my L28 to a 5 Speed (Already bought). Since it's coming out, I figure now would be a good time to replace other components such as Clutch and Obtain a Lighter FlyWheel (Fidanza).

The compromise I'm stuck in is, what Clutch is best for me? the 280Z is a daily driver, however as soon as it is capable, I'd like to take it to the track on weekends. Not to mention, I already drive pretty hard when the conditions are appropriate. I figure, the Stiffer the clutch, the better off I am (I'm a physically fit 21 year old)

I also believe that Brands have pride in their names, and that some brands are better than others and you get what you pay for.

This being the case, I figured I'd bring the subject to the Ratsun Community, and let you have your say. What clutch is best for me? What experiances have you had? right now I'm leaning toward ACTs' Road Racing Set-up.

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there is such a thing as to much clutch.


if your using it on the street I dont recommend getting any sort of road race clutch.

its not about how stiff the petal is going to be its the way the clutch behaves.


if your rocking a road race clutch there is no slipping it. its either 100% on or 100% off no inbetween.

and thats a pain in the ass on the street.

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Same with the lightened flywheel. Mass stores rotational energy to help get the car's weight moving from a dead stop. Reducing it will mean you will have to rev the motor more and slip the clutch longer to get moving. This is a pain in the ass if you drive in town. If you were a race car you could run almost without a flywheel at all because you don't stop often but for a street car this isn't a good idea... like a lot of race car innovations, they don't always translate over for use on the street very well. That said, you can run with a slightly reduced flywheel weight it's just that you want to avoid paying money for something that makes driving less enjoyable. I think the L28 uses one somewhere in the 21 pound range. Maybe 4 to 5 pounds lighter????


The '83-'86 300zx turbo pressure plate is also 240mm and should fit your flywheel. The pressure plate is 600Kg of clamping force 30210-P9600 about $125 The clutch disc is 30100-59S00 and about $90

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280zx turbo/or zx 2+2 clutch = 240mm clutch/flywheel surface ... ( I have this in both of my last L28 5spd 240z combos )


All other s30/s130 cars = 225mm clutch/flywheel surface.


I agree with sealik.



I have had the 240mm in both my last 240z with L28/5spd combos.

It is a big difference compared to 225mm. 240mm has plenty or grip power without change in pedal stiffness.

I've beat on the stock 240mm clutch a bit to test the difference.

Clutch dumps and power shifts did well for a stock 240mm clutch.(with high rpm power shift .. it will slip some )

225mm wouldn't let me do as near as much without slipping a bit more looMl

In my experience ... for a lower cost/better gripping clutch .. and scooting a bit ...on a stock drivetrain s30 = 240mm is the way to go.

For higher HP L28's I wouldn't know as I have never owned owned one lol


This was all done on L28's with *open* R200 and R180 rear ends.

One combination was Tripple DCOE's /L28( F54/p79)5spd

P195/60-14 tires.


I guess my 240z is about 300lbs lighter though.


If you do ... I wouldn't go much heavier than the 240mm stocker Nissan clutch.

I keep forgetting the grip force of it .


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I like what Sealik posted, Sounds like exactly what I'm goin for. Thanks for all of the input, guys.


Take note that there is an increased effort to depress the clutch pedal, you might want to have a good quality clutch slave cylinder on hand to replace the old one when it starts leaking.

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Alright Sealik, I'll stock up on a few.


Can anyone chime in on how much work is involved in changing from a 225mm to a 240mm set-up? (DTP, I'm looking at you haha) What other parts will I need to get, assuming I get the flywheel, and Exedy stage 1?

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FWIW, I really like the lightweight flywheel on the back of my KA with a stock clutch (240sx, of course).


If I ever went with a performance clutch, I'd rock whatever gave me a heavier pressure plate just for the clamping pressure, and probably a stock disc.

In no way shape or form, should a person run an unsprung disc on the street.


I drove a car with a 6-puck ceramic SPRUNG clutch, and it felt like a positive engagement stock clutch. Was actually really nice, but it was overkill.

Z car's aren't SUPER heavy, so it doesn't take a whole lot of clutch to manage it, and the L28 has a decent amount of torque. If it's just a driver, I'd rock either a stock clutch or at the most just a heavier pressure plate. If you do the latter, enjoy sitting in traffic. Good way to build some left-leg muscles. :)

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