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Zerow's 610 4-door


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that is a beautiful thing bro looks awsome


It was a PITA to set it up, found all sorts of stuff that the FSM and I are going to get to know (again). Been too long without a motor to remember :\

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A big THANK YOU to stilltwisted and 260zkaboom for their help in the tear down on the parts car yesterday. There were even some giveaways for the contestants :). I will post some pictures after the coupe gets trailered away on Sunday. Big plans from another Ratsun member on that front - probably the best thing to ever happen to that rusty coupe body...

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make sure you check that blue plug in the bulk head ,next to fues box eveyone that I have seen has been burnt thats if you can pull it apart .the blue plug powers the head lights ,so check it out .


Thanks for the reminder. I will be getting the car over here to MoVal the second weekend of March (the weekend of the 4th~7th is for my 10 year anniversary, a Datsun-free zone as far as the wife is concerned...)

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"Do it in a Datsun."


More like "Doing it to a Datsun"!


I am debating on getting the trans mounted up at my dad's place, or waiting until it gets here. Either way, 4 speed auto.

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mount it at your dads place one less thing you have to do with the car in the air in a garage

Too Late. Car is here (finally). Checked over some of where I left off. Trans and 3.70 diff are still at dads waiting for delivery.

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Taillight mockup.



I need some neoprene material to make some decent gaskets. And I need to finish my LED taillight conversion. More to follow on both fronts.


And, yes, that is a NOS 'DATSUN' emblem for her ass... :P :D

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absolutly fucking beutiful man the pic you sent to my phone doesnt do it justice i really like the color i didnt know you had a hint of metalic in it beautiful simply beautiful i may have to steal that color for my car

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Updates? I'd like to see this thing with an engine in it and sitting pretty. Maybe some rolling shots.. :cool:

Let me get the shots of the engine in. I've got those...;)

As for rolling shots, you should see that she pretty much rolled up onto the ramps. The transmission is going in...soon...I hope...

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The engine shot...



Funds have been non-existant for use on the car lately, so no real updates. Hope for JCCS 2010 is fading fast. Going back to school in the fall is taking priority, and, believe me, I am aware that this car should get done. Had some drama in May with finances, but back on the road again now.

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All right, maybe a little of both...


Yes, the "good struts" are in, but I am having (almost exactly) the same problem as MicroMachinery with the clamps I bought for the coilovers. Rub-a-dub Rub...


So, I have a plan in the works to do a full write-up on the solution, but I have the car up on ramps to accept the transmission, and don't want to bring it down until thats all said and done. But cash is nonexistant. I have a possible solution, but it involves dealing with the daily driver that the wife feels is both reliable and available. Putting the cart before the horse right now is not my idea of finding out "she was right after all..."


To answer the question, my coilovers are at the top of the lock, and I have about an inch between the top of the tire and the bottom of the fender. Just where I wanted it. Hopefully the transmission will only push that down a smidge, otherwise, I will be after some taller springs for the front end. The back has the same amount of reveal, and I still need to replace the coil isolators. I have the standard height ones from Top End, but they also have the 1/2 taller ones, just in case...

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Wow, its been a while since I posted here...




I painted the J-Lines to match my dealer brochure a while ago, but finally polished out the stainless trim that goes on between the door and the J-Lines. Polished my only set of sill moldings and got them put on, but I need to fabricate new clips to hold those on...


Currently (and why she is up on ramps and jackstands) I am preparing for the 4 speed automatic install. I will be posting here and to the other thread I have going for the swap (need to dig that out of thread death... :o ) Got all of the urethane bushings for the rear of the car, so I will be handling that and the differential swap (really really really hoping for Limited Slip this Christmas...)


Oh, and mods, please move this thread to the 610/710 section...

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