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  1. My 710 is IRS . the 200lbs coils are firm but nice . fitment of the spring was close to the shock tower .I may have to bend the lip a bit will keep an eye on it .
  2. Thanks Mike .I will have to see .i will update my findings.
  3. I ordered the QA1 rear coilovedrs. I hope the 200lb spring will be the right spring rate for the 710
  4. did a IRS swap on my 710 .how do you post photos
  5. Hello.i need to sell my 74 2 door 610 . no motor or trans . body stright . has small front bumper and rear bumpers with brackets from japan also.have brand new nos nissan sss front grill nos side marker lights .sss gages blue . sss steering wheel . new front wind sheld .anyone know what it maybe worth? Have clean ca pink slip.nonop as is ?
  6. Well that's a lot of good information guys , I am going to buy a set of the CRX rods . I will say, I have the china radiators in 2 of my cars and, I looked them over and all the welds looked good only thing I did not like was no drain petcock so I added one . The cooling was way more sufficient then stock no leaks.
  7. Hello anyone buy and use the china made race rods off ebay ? from the photos they look good . but who knows first hand ?
  8. Good points of interesting facts.
  9. Well speaking for my self I will buy something cheap and spend thousands making it cool ... but very true Datsun guys are very cheap and I hate dealing with them when I paid 50.00 and they offer 5.00 for that same part . Lol so true.
  10. Good information guys thanks. I have some NOS Kontrolle shocks made by Tokico seem to have a very stiff rebound and down motion . the part number for these are for the 710 but these have a tootsie roll pin that can be cut off for shorter struts . I have 35 years of old stock for the Datsuns I may have some Koni's and I think these can be rebuilt too. For now I will just build the struts and see what I have to use first.
  11. Thanks for the reply. The main problem I am having is too much positive + camber up front . I have the 1969 510 front struts very short with S.T. lowering springs and no room in the spring tower for camber plates . My only option I see is going coilovers .with camber plates. The wheels I have are the xxR 521 series and are 16x8 with a 25mm back space so I made up spacers with long wheel studs . This is now compounding the + camber problem. For now I am going to order the 200lb spring kit and convert over to 280zx front brakes . I need 1/2 inch to put the camber at 0 I also have adjustable lower arms to move the strut in or out .
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