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Datsun 510 vs. Mazda Rx2

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The 510s are alright if you like that kind of boxy styling. The RX2 is sporty looking, everybody loves them. The RX3 is my favorite because it is smaller and lighter, but doesn't look as good as the RX2. And the power is a nice suprise, if you haven't driven one you don't know how much nicer it is than a piston engine.


Back in the day they used as much gas as a camaro. Speaking of which, that may be why they beat camaros. Takes more gas to make all that power.


If I understand correctly, the big rivalry was between RX and Celica in the grand prix racing.


My RX story is about a young man that worked with my Dad. He had a brand new Rotary Pickup and took it up in the mountains around Grass Valley and was tooling around up there. The power was good, climbed the steep trails no problem. But just like a chevy, he found that riding the clutch would burn it up. Man that was embarrasing. He had to replace the clutch but learned his lesson about driving a stick transmission. I wish I had that truck now.

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