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  1. This is an extra one I have for sale, still in package, and looking at $75 shipped in the US obo. I'll get pics of it later this afternoon. George
  2. Correction, BK Burger King....MC'ds doesn't have meat in the hamburgers, everybody knows that :rofl:
  3. http://www.plccenter.com/en-US/Buy/PARKER/B753BB545A
  4. I'm a precision metal chip extractor CNC Machinist/Programmer :rofl:
  5. Actually you can drill it to get it apart, then drill and tap it with a 2-56 tap and get some flat head screws to hold it back together. I used to customize them back in the day...have fun. Fuzz
  6. Found a Treasure Hunt Z yesterday at Krogers, just sittin there at an end peg. Fuzz
  7. I would think its a life style that has erupted in other countries, then it started over here and that is considered posing...I don't think it is considered "Ricer" in the older vehicles, but within the past 10-15 years and that might even be pushing it...As far as a "Ricer", I think it is a car with so much extra crap to out do another car with just as much crap on it...just sayin' Fuzz
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