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510 fuel pumps

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Have you tried to repair them? If you have the original fuel pumps, and you have two bad ones, one with a bad check valve, and another with a bad diaphragm, make one with good parts from the others. Maybe Mike could send you some of his "lawn treasure hunt" fuel pumps.

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I think I stuck a 521 Nikki pump on mine. They look the same and work the same but the inlets/outlets aren't in the same place (it's model specific). The old OEM ones are getting a bit rare. The plunger pumps work (for a while) but I really don't like them. I used to find them on eBay but I haven't been buying there for a while.


Rockauto doesn't have them. They do have SOME of the later L20B type OE design ones, but are at closeout and not many left (in fact I just bought some to have). The L20B type are much larger in diameter and are larger volume, which generally necessitate having a return line unless the float valve is REALLY strong.

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I think I can still get you a good diaphragm style pump, either nikki or something else. You have to have the parts guy look up a 510 pump though, otherwise it gives you that new style double diaphragm pressed piece thing. Works fine, but I prefer the older style. However, I think $53 is about right for the cost. It might be available in our Altrom line at NAPA. Not at work today or I'd tell you. Except they blocked ratsun at work again, corporate asshats.

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