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Salutations I am the esteemed owner of an 86 Nissan 720 by the name of Sir Winston Elder. I've had him for almost 4 years now and for only $800 he has never disappointed. I havent done much work to him (replaced exhaust, brake pads, new tires, tail lights) as I am still in college; but am graduating soon and wanted to start giving him the best I can. First and formost Im looking for a transmission. He is v8 (four on the right side and four on the left, last two behind air filter) automatic. He has about 160+,000 miles and this is the first problem I've had with it. But it is starting to get bad (slipping, and extremely hard jerks when idle or during acceleration after being stopped). I am in Texas in the DFW/Metroplex area (but go to school in Stephenville if any know of anybody, any wrecking yards, or Shops that could help I would be much obliged.


Also recently I was rear ended in and the Massive trick with a grillgard put a dent above my extra light on the left side of the chrome bumper. He doesn't want to get insurance involved but is offering $200 dollars; Naturally i would use this to put towards a transmission. I went and go estimates and they averaged out to $667. Im not expecting that much as it was and older bumper and hade some scratches when I bought it. But I dont want to get taken on this it being that it was my first fender bender. I've been looking on here for the different forums to find pricing on the chrome bumpers but have had no such luck. Should I take to $200 or could I ask for more (I was thinking $300). Any advise in this matter again would be most appreciated.

>grace & peace<

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Ok, so first we need some pic's of your " V8 720" as they were never made that way factory. pics of everything (motor/trans/body/interior/rear end damage/ect...) will prob get you the best results here but only the motor and trans are required to help you ID 1 or both. As for the accident, ask for a $1000 or tell em to give you insurance info. Id get it either way if i were you







and welcome to ratsun

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But it is starting to get bad (slipping, and extremely hard jerks when idle or during acceleration after being stopped).


Check the transmission fluid level. Should be between the full and add mark. NOT overfull!


Fluid should be bright ruby red and clear see through. It can range from brick red to brown to black and if so, needs replacing. Auto transmissions are very very reliable and need little servicing other than checking the fluid level. The ATF is good for about 100K under ideal conditions. (rarely the case) HEAT is what shortens their life.

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2eDeYe' date='15 December 2011 - 12:23 PM' timestamp='1323973419' post='593476']

Welcome, how about some pics! :D


How do I post pics on here directly from my computer (I have a mac pro, if that helps)? I've looked around some other forums on here and all I was able to find were "how to's" about posting from an online album. Any help would be appreciated.

>grace & peace<

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Finally (as requested)! I was able to load some pictures up. Thank y'all so much for you help in this matter. There will be more to come shortly.


This is Sir Winston Elder I'm really excited to start on this project. As you can see there are a few aesthetic issues that I with to take care of; but first thing is first. I must take care of the transmission (this was just a cheap segway into my next picture)


Here is the under the hood shot. My camera started acting funny so thats why their is some distortion. I so after being remedied of my ignorance that its not a v-8 Im still curious to what it is? I am in need to replace the transmission soon. Anybody have any thoughts or advice of who I could talk to or any salvage yards in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area i could acquire one from?


This last picture is one to chow where the guy rear ended me. It is by know means a hindrance to the performance of the car; but I went and got a few quotes and they averaged out to $628; That was for a new bumper and I am not expecting him to replace a new one for me. Alas I've been looking for a used chrome one (mostly on here) but to no avail. I would really like some advice in this situation as this is my first fender bender. He does not wish to get insurance involved. He offered me $200 but I think thats a little slim. But he said if insurance get involved the most they would pay is $150. I am at a standstill as to what step to take next. I am, by no means, interested in getting more than it is worth; however, I dont want to get took either. Any advise would be well appreciated

>grace & peace<

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I so after being remedied of my ignorance that its not a v-8 Im still curious to what it is?



Its the stock Nissan NAPS-Z motor.


stock motor for your truck is the Z24 - 2.4L inline 4 cyl


"Z" is the engine series, "24" represents 2.4L


and the reason is has 8 plugs on it is because its the NAPS variation of a Z series motor

NAPS stands for Nissan Anti-Pollution System. you have 4 plugs that act like regular ignition plugs and 4 plugs on the exhaust side burning off extra shit.

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