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l20b straight bolt on???? help


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What is needed to swap a l20b truck motor in a 510 into a 1969 510 four door. Or is it a plug and play, complete bolt on???


If it is already in a 510 and you are swapping it into another 510 then take it out WITH the motor mounts on it.


Because it's a truck motor it should have a 225mm flywheel/clutch and pressure plate on it so remove the collar off the clutch arm on the transmission and use it on your transmission. (replace the bearing with a new one but keep the collar that holds it)




Now this info above assumes several things. Like


You have a stock 4 speed.

The 510 that the L20B is in now has a stock 4 speed

The flywheel on the L20B has never been changed



Don't listen to these characters... the L220B is only 20mm taller than an L16 and the stock L16 motor mount brackets should allow the motor to sit low enough for plenty of hood clearance..

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