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  1. sam

    some guidance SR s14 harness into 510

    Thanks Icehouse for getting back at me. I believe mine is a zenki 1996 but how can I make sure it is? So your saying to use the same diagram that you made for a s13 sr ? Remember s14 have the vvt and I beleive that requires connecting more wires . I was thinking of just looking up how 240sx people wire it up a s14 sr into there car and just use that as a guide for me to hot wire it up to my datsun, but if you have better ideas or you can clear things up since you done it more than I have that would be awesome. Again thank you and hope to hear from you soon
  2. sam

    some guidance SR s14 harness into 510

    I forgot to mention I have a 1968 datsun 510 and im putting everything on switches. So I have no harness in the car . I have a universal fuse box and relays available to use. Thank you guys . I will post pictures asap
  3. I have a sr20det s14 vvt motor and I want to know how to wire it up to my car. I dont think I can use the Diagram that icehouse posted for s13 sr , so if angone has done it could you give me advice or guide me in how to wire it up in my car please. Thats all I need ... pleaseeeeeeeee some pictures or some pins number would help
  4. I have a ka24de stock harness but when I use the Diagram to check all my wires to wire them up with relays my colors dont match the same color on the diagram.My pin 109 is red not b/w I have no idea what to do because my red wire should be my constant 12v with Pin 46 but my pin 109 in the regular diagram should its b/w but mine is not . I just want to be 100% sure I don't want to fry anything here is the picture I'm going of by http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j347/radzuniga77/SP32-20090113-084734_zpscc026da8.gif And I'm following this one http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j347/radzuniga77/21kdopl_zps266c9671.jpg My harness looks like this. As you can tell my far right pins 109 is red and 101 is white and black http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i153/andrew_g_pearson/pinout.jpg
  5. sam

    How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything

    Heyy I got your miss call. I'm sorry I was at work. I understand I can use the left side but I have a few questions that might be easier to just talk than to write up a 2 page essay hahahhaha. What time is best for you tomorrow. I know im 3 hour a ahead from you since im in orlando Florida.
  6. sam

    How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything

    Ok so I just want to do the 3 relay connection with out the can box. My fuel system is going to be completely separate. So what do I need to do to have it running. Oh by the way its a ka24de. I will have switches as ignitions and starter and fans and stuff. My fans are separate also
  7. I Have a datsun 1969 510 and I want to buy a new or used front way bar . Shipped to 32703 apopka florida. I will be paying through paypal. Thanks you can email me for quicker reasponse zunigasamuel8@gmail.com
  8. Ok last but not least a ignition switch with key or gas locking mechanism with key , glove compartment plastic thing inside
  9. sam

    wtb: air dam

    Datsun 510
  10. sam

    wtb: air dam

    Yes thats the one I would like and no I would like a used dobi stype air dam . Thanks
  11. sam

    wtb: air dam

    I would like a airdam not the bre orginal one , I would like the one that goes straight down please
  12. Yes those , do you have a air dam maybe
  13. I need a rear seat set up for 1969 510 also need the hood arms on each side that hold and help the hood go up and down . I need them asap zunigasamuel8@gmail.com
  14. sam

    FS: 510 bumpers $100

    Still got the front bumper with bracket available

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