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Finally got me another Datsun! Woo hoo!


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Hey everybody.....Just signed up but have been here for a couple weeks catching up on my Datsun lingo. My very first vehicle was a 77 king cab that my dad paid 200 bones for. I worked on that thing for a year making it straight and getting it reliable. Unfortunetly it was stolen and trashed and I ended up selling it for parts. Well I've always wished I still had that truck so now 18 yrs later I finally got one. :D


I found this on craigslist and its now in my driveway getting some much needed attention. It is really straight with just a few dings in the rear. Its rolling a l20b with Weber carb (not sure which one yet). Has factory air and the icing on the cake.........(drumroll please)........ it has the TACH! woohoo!


so right now I'm cleaning the gas tank and will be changing the oil soon. The bad thing is that I live in the great state of California and have to smog the poor little guy. Which means no Weber:(......so I had to buy a used stocker to get it legal. (of course it's coming off after it passes:rolleyes:)


I'll keep you guys updated as to my progress and any info/knowledge that would help me get it to pass smog would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


O yeah here are the pics I know you guys NEED to see.....:D




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they make a adapter(maybe no anymore) to use the stock aircleaner then run it thru a sneefer before you go get it cked and lean it out.

try carbs.net


I would pass with twin Mikunis!!!!!!before the emissions stopped in washington


Thats a nice truck.

get some TR3 polish/cleaner and it will bring out ther paint.I use it in the engine bay also.

Goop also works on the wires


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Thanks guys.....I do feel welcome here. I have a feeling I'll be around for awhile......:cool:


I have a question and I can't find any previous threads dealing with this issue.

I opened the brake master cylinder caps and there is Dry crusty brake fluid in the bottom.:confused: How do I clean this out, or am I stuck with replacing all the brake lines, booster, master?

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Mods only know how to move threads and kick punk SPAMBots :lol:


If the reservior is empty it's possible there is a bad seal somewhere. Any leaks from the master should be pretty evident on the firewall inside or outside around the or the vicinity of the pedal/booster. You can pull the drums and inspect the wheel cylinders. While your in there check the pads and adjust the brakes up after you put the drums back on.


If everything checks out.


Clean out the system like above. Fill with fluid, bleed, bleed, bleed and the check for leaks then bleed some more.


Repeat brake adjustment every oil change :D

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Actually it looks like the fluid just dried up while sitting for 7 years, no leaks evident.....I'll disassemble and soak all the parts in brake cleaner and after that I guess I need to bleed to death....huh is that right......LOL........Thanks guys.....I'll try that and get more pics when she's up and running.:cool:

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I would stick your finger in there and clean it out with a rag if you can fill it up

Bleed it and see if anything blows out.


The seals could be all dryed up so be careful.Go ez at first and ck around the drums in back if see leaks or a slow ooze of oil.(or back brakes get sticky) meaning the wheels cyl is going.

Front disc are usaully beater.


I like the king cab! Wish I had one NOW

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