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  1. Here are some of the things I'll haul down to sell All 620 parts..... Driver and passenger doors w/ glass, rear glass (no slider), front lower cowling (blinkers), front wiper cowling, front bumper, full KC wiring harness, full factory A/C (includes all hoses, vents, brackets, compressor, condenser, center console), Weber 32/36 carb, 4 dog dish caps, stock jack with cover, radiator all metal, fan cowling, other misc. parts from a 76 KC. If there is something you need let me know and I'll see if I gots it.
  2. My son and I will be there to check out the cars and sell some 620 parts. No Datsun to bring.....yet. We're looking for a working HItatchi carb for our 79 L20b 620 kc so if you have one.....bring it.
  3. Voted...... The book looks great! My kids would like it for sure...:D Good luck!
  4. -W-

    Harbor Freight 20%off coupons

    Thanks for the coupon......I'd like to see em as a sticky! :rolleyes:
  5. -W-

    Football Season

    HELLLZ YA!:cool:
  6. -W-

    Craigslist, the great "Quote" thread.

    All I can say is WOW! :lol: you can check out the rest here: http://chico.craigslist.org/for/1368078409.html
  7. -W-

    Ratsun or Datsun flexfit hats?

    I'd buy one......maybe put a small datsun logo on the side or the back?
  8. -W-

    620 update-on the way to upholstery shop

    Very beautiful truck......how much did you lower it? (if any). I really like the way its sitting.
  9. -W-

    Bed Swapping!!

    I don't know about the tank issue. I have a 76 kc and a 78 kc and the tanks are both mounted to the bed. I guess if your's isn't then just leave it in.
  10. -W-

    Bed Swapping!!

    Just swapped beds on my 620......took out 14 bolts no problem.(8 per truck) Then had 2 that did what datzenmike said and spun out. Had to torch them off. Other than that you'll need to pull the tank and the wiring harness off the bed and then swap em. Not too difficult. Good luck :D
  11. -W-

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    Saw this one today.....super clean goon. http://chico.craigslist.org/cto/1325092164.html
  12. -W-

    pic of your truck

    Really lovin both of those king cabs.......hey farmer joe how much is your KC lowered?
  13. -W-

    Bed Hook Debate.

    I'm torn.....I like the hooks for there practical application and really like the look of the shaved bed so I had to vote for no yellow trucks. I say if its for show shave em and if its for actual everyday pickup use then keep em:cool:
  14. -W-

    new guy with a 620

    The spot above the CD player is where the controls for the AC would go if he had it. :D
  15. -W-

    Finally got me another Datsun! Woo hoo!

    Actually it looks like the fluid just dried up while sitting for 7 years, no leaks evident.....I'll disassemble and soak all the parts in brake cleaner and after that I guess I need to bleed to death....huh is that right......LOL........Thanks guys.....I'll try that and get more pics when she's up and running.:cool:

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