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1985 nissan sentra CA

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Hey I joined this forum to message and buy icehouse for one of his super awesome power boxes, figured i might as well post my project.


1985 nissan sentra Ca18de

still a work in progress, gotta clean things up, change the fuel system and wire.

Old front shot:



how it looks today, with weds Autobahn mesh wheels.






Was once diesel powered (please dont kill me for altering it xD), but the diesel engine was extremely worn out.

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A B11 fitted with a CA16DE? Now i've seen everything. If you keep it revved up, it will make considerably more power than the OHC 1.5 liter stocker.


CA18DE! used to have a CD17 diesel engine in it before, its gonna be much quicker :cool:

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Finished! july 27th 2011, thanks to icehouse and his cool powerbox it simplified the process so much. already put 8000 miles on it and it runs perfect. 0-60 measures in the low 7s to high 6s.


video of the first time it started, no exhaust, timing way off, and no airfilter xD may post a better video later..



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I got the motor off of an online seller it was somewhat of a gamble on my part. The motor came from a jdm u12 bluebird atessa. The kn13 version differs externally, the intake manifolds are different, the kn oil pan is lower profile , the exhaust manifolds differ and the valve covers have breathers in different places. Though I did use the wiring harness (some rearranging requires) and transmission from a kn13 pulsar.

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In preparation of her visit to the new 5 mile long thunderhill later this week, I got some beater O.Z wheels and Hoosier SM6 slicks. Painted then bronzish grey and they look surprisingly sharp. Had to run 25mm spacers in the rear for shock clearance though xD. Expect videos on this heap tearing it up!



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