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  1. Completely forgot about this build thread. Loads has changed since the last update so here's some more recent pictures. Managed to import my dream wheels. Techno Phantoms still can't believe I've got them. Also got a Hakosuka Skyline Spoiler for it loads of other stuff. I will update this thread properly in the next few days
  2. haha that's awesome that you're loving the car man really appreciate that. What's your instagram I'm intrigued to see this wagon!
  3. this is so awesome, I'm tempted to do an engine swap on mine nearer the end of the year so may need to pick your brains when I do, you running coilovers on this all round I presume?
  4. Long time no update. Here's a video of my and my mates beetle doing a little drive by. Did some work on the car today, gave the car its first wash since owning it haha polished all the chrome up on the car and did some back to black on the bumpers to get it shining and looking new. Main mods for the day include a custom made splitter my dads making for me, basically he's made this out of some mdf and we've have sprayed it black, in-between the holes I've got some white and red mesh to go on there (white red white makes it look like a japan flag) but didn't get a picture of the com
  5. oh awesome I just see more of them from american because there's more imported like you said. Yeah I was only testing them so didn't bother with putting bolts on haha.
  6. Right things have changed a bit since my last post. The last wheels were not big enough for what I wanted so needed to upgrade to some 15"'s. After a little searching for a few weeks I somehow managed to stumble on some SSR MK1's wheels which in the UK are literally unheard of as they don't make them, only SSR's that exist in the UK would have been imported and not many people do that so can appreciate my excitement when I managed to get some myself. These are super rare in england but not sure if they're more available in the US? They fit amazing and the pictures don't do it justice but I'm
  7. BIG UPDATE! At last...the wheels are on and I couldn't be happier, athough there is about a 2 inch arch gap and I can't go lower I still think it looks awesome. Might possibly get some chunky tyres to fill the arch gap or look for some 15" wheels but for the time being I'm chuffed. Today I put on all the parts I had laying around on i.e. stickers, japan stuff and the wheels with the new wheel nuts. I am still having to modify the center caps to fit so looks crap without them but i'll let you see the pics now and stop rambling on.
  8. lower bolt holds were not the right size so had to be lengthened and shims had to be made so they fit
  9. I'M SO HAPPY Basically today was filled with a lots of swearing (mainly at the weather) but also a major step in the right direction for the sunny. Finally solved the heavy steering and death trap suspension setup on the bloody thing and fitted it with some custom Volkswagen polo coilovers which were fabricated to fit by my buddy henry. First line of duty for today was removing the old front suspension so it was ready for the new coilovers to be put in when they turned up. This was rather exciting because soon as we started to do this it bloody started snowing!! :D Much to my dads amusement
  10. Thanks a lot man! Just need to get some wheel nuts sorted as the ones I have are too short :/ but yes thank you man I look forward to recieving them :)
  11. I'm interested...message me some pictures and info please mate?
  12. I'm very interested haha I have just sent you a message buddy :)
  13. awesome, as a datsun owner from the Uk I will defonitely have a look at this as I may be interested in in getting some stuff
  14. (I'm from England by the way if that helps clear some confusion to what I'm asking below) Does anyone know where to get some cool japanese stickers? I've looked on ebay but they're all tacky JDM DRIFT MAD BRO stickers which look crap, I want some retro looking ones for my Datsun Sunny B11. Just want to get some cool retro stuff to add to the car and wanted some stickers like the one below for the back window but yeah any help would be super Super Kawaii Crew have some awesome stickers but they're sold out and they're from america which doesn't matter because I could get them shipped over
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