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  1. Leadpaw

    1985 nissan sentra CA

    built a complete front mount setup and painted the intercooler black for mad stealth
  2. Leadpaw

    1985 nissan sentra CA

    You did good work CA18DE, time to take a rest. might go into a friends kit car. Rewired the car to accept a harness from a RNu12 bluebird sss-R fits perfect! all that needs to be done now is a front mount intercooler, proper exhaust and intake. Hello new ca18det heres a video of the mad compressor noises http://vid3.photobucket.com/albums/y67/RazoWOLF/20160822_161553_001_zpsgdsuvaws.mp4
  3. Leadpaw

    1985 nissan sentra CA

    taking it up a notch.
  4. Leadpaw

    1985 nissan sentra CA

    My only complaint is it's lack of a fully counterweighted crank xD
  5. Leadpaw

    1985 nissan sentra CA

    Thanks! yeah fabricated some coilovers with some adjustable koni dampers. feel free to ask questions, always good to help another b11 owner out
  6. Leadpaw

    1985 nissan sentra CA

    hell ya! I have also always thought of turning one of those into a mad sleeper and destroy dreams. xD
  7. seems as though rockauto.com has them.
  8. Nice! were the lower bolt holes on the polo struts the right distance apart? or did the holes have to be lengthened?
  9. Leadpaw

    1985 nissan sentra CA

    Apparently cusco has begun to give a little aftermarket support to the B11 models. Ordered a strut bar, fit and look are great. Car feels a fair bit more solid, and hard braking is alot less twitchy.
  10. Leadpaw

    Coilovers for Datsun Nissan Sunny B11 ??

    Heres how I built mine: http://www.nissanforums.com/b11-b12-kn13-82-90-chassis/176042-how-make-your-82-86-b11.html Shortens the shock a good inch to allow for some travel when lowered. Hotbits suspension makes coilovers for the B11 but I have no idea on the quality of their dampers, and im pretty picky about those. Best bet is to go to the scrapyard and measure the lower bolt distances and see if one matches the b11.
  11. Leadpaw

    1985 nissan sentra CA

    In preparation of her visit to the new 5 mile long thunderhill later this week, I got some beater O.Z wheels and Hoosier SM6 slicks. Painted then bronzish grey and they look surprisingly sharp. Had to run 25mm spacers in the rear for shock clearance though xD. Expect videos on this heap tearing it up!
  12. Sweet! another old sentra/sunny! Cant wait to see it with those wheels.
  13. Leadpaw

    daa grillll

    Sweet glad there are more B11 sentras around, as for suspension either gotta adapt some full coilovers, or make your own as I did: http://www.nissanforums.com/b11-b12-kn13-82-90-chassis/176042-how-make-your-82-86-b11.html The higher trim first gen sentras had tachs installed, just gotta find em in the junk yard xD. Kinda digging the older model headlight vs my later rectangles haha, I might have to convert in some time.
  14. Leadpaw

    1985 nissan sentra CA

    Thanks!. Heres a random update. It now has koni adjustable shocks, tomei poncams, headers, redone exhaust and a bunch of random things xD

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