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got a ka donor!

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A craigslist special, ninety three hardbody, on there for five bills, gave three fifty for it! Had to drive to kalispell montana, bout a hunski in gas, so not bad......yea I'm parting this straight as fuck truck for my 77!




The s ten lowrider makes a bitchin tow pig! Now I am sittin down at famous daves gettin some much deserved bbq!

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i think im in a funny trany





Grrats on the score.


I had a friend, weeks ago, have his truck(95 hardbody 2wd KA) smashed by someone else. He called me, asked if I wanted it, and to have it towed/stored here til we buy it back from insurance. I said no problem. Ins paid him for it, and wouldn't let him buy it back. Too much frame damage. He called me and said no go. Tow truck was in my driveway before I could hang up the phone. Sad day in Datto land.

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Well, just walked in the door ready to crash, it was a journey, 300 mile round trip. Thanks for all the comments, this was a pretty sweet action score for the cash. Truck isn't a runner however, needs a timing set, timing cover and headgasket.....had some backwoods folk workin on it, so she's gonna take a little time to straighten out........ so actually here is the score. My old man has a 93 hardbody as well, ka, 5 speed etc, only its a std cab....I'm actually going to ressurect this truck and give to him and use his pickup as the swap. This one is deluxe, chrome package, tach cluster, a/c rear slider and the only dents are just slight in the front fenders, and it needs a new bumper. It will be a much better pickup for him, as his is beat body wise.....so yea good stuff once again fellas. Have an amazing night/morning and see ya around

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LOL. you guys crack me up! So yesterday brought about much fun. The truck had a broken timing chain guide, and it wore a hole in the water passage and was leaking coolant. I took it off and had it welded up. The cylinder head is out getting surfaced and recon'd and I yanked the interior out to steam clean all of the fabric etc. SO next week it will be all back together and my dad will be rolling it. I am going to take his 93 hardbody and use it as the KA donor. His is really rough body wise, it has been rolled twice before he bought it and its rusted out. Perfect truck for me to part out, so rest easy this nice CL score is going back on the road. It is actually quite a nice pickup under all of the pine needles, dog hair and cigarette smoke LOLL!

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