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1950 Willys CJ3A

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MY NEW PROJECT. That sounds funny to me cause I actually started this thing when I was about 10 years old with my dad. It has since sat in the garage at his place. I finally brought it home and it is now in my garage. Some 16 years later its back to work. I can say this is my first motor swap and probebly earlier then most since I put in when I was 11 years old. Its a Chevy 4.3L out of an S10 pickup. Check up often cause I will have progress pics for ya.





the ominess glow of the rising sun in the background...hahaha

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looks good. nothing better than a 50's willy. there is a cult following for older willy's. i never cared for the 70's and 80's cj's and wrangler's.


i had a 70 wagoneer for a while with the buick 350. you never see the older wagoneers lifted and pimped much but when you do they are the coolest thing. the only rig i ever 4x4ed was that wagoneer. my jeep had 3 labels on it. willy's kaiser, jeep, with a buick engine from the factory.:)


when do you expect to have it on the road, this summer?

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Its done!! HAHA not really I just went out and bought one so I could have a little fun before I finish mine. Heres some pics of the CJ3B High Hood.

Some specs. Its sitting on a 71 CJ5 frame, Buick 225 V6, T18 4spd tranny, Model 20 transfercase, newer drive lines, Open knuckle dana 30 front with disk brakes, front shackle conversion to rear of spring, Rancho lift springs, Rear Locker, Power steering with heim joint steering, Powder coated custom front and rear bumpers, Hi-Lift mount built into rear bumper, Storage rack built into rear bumper, SW guages with Tach, Warn 9.5i winch, Line-X style interior, even has a dome light. :D







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Tell me about it!!! I spent 3 whole days figuring that mess out. It all works now, but I almost tried to hang myself from that mess. I think it would be a good idea for me to clean it up now and make a cover for it.


Don't know much about those motors except that they work good in these old jeeps.

I like those pics too of the jeeps in Japan.

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looks like a fun project i love old jeeps have had a 60 p/u and a 42 military


the first one that your working on you might want to try and level that carb out and you will be much happier if you lose that stock steering and go to a cross over style

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Love me some 3B :cool:


My buddy has one he built runs a 302 and 3 speed with Dana 20 and Overdrive.


I'll try to find some pics.


If you plan to wheel it strengthen the frame. I have a 72 that is thrashed, I have some pics of where I had to fix mine. Build or buy a steering crossbar as well.

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In my first project of the grey 3A that motor was bolted in but the tranny was just tied with a rope cause I don't have a crossmember for it yet:D


The 3B most definitely needs a steering stabilizer in the front. The guy who had it before me didn't really know a ton about the finesse of making things right.

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I am a slacker and only got around to taken pic's after my mount broke. You can see where the brace attaches at the steering box in this pic. The other side bolts to the frame.


When I first installed it to took about 3 inches of play out at the steering wheel. The mount must have been the last weak link as I've upgraded the shaft to u-joints and strengthened the drag link


I would not been able to drive home after the mount broke, without the brace.


The stabilizer has done nothing but get smashed. :D

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Yeah I figured it would get smashed but the bump steer is Horrible. I don't think I need the brace. It has a hella good mount and I have 2 braces that go between the frame. The PS unit doesn't seem to move at all....Its a bit overkill. Thanks for the tip....who knows, if it does brake I will be handing over my pride:D


Steering box mount


Support bracing between frame rails


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