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Wheel opinion - Sport em or sell em?


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Don't get me wrong. I like the wheels I have now, but the offset is such that I can't go lower then I am. I have this set, but aren't sure if I should trade up. What do you guys think.....






They are 15x7 instead of the 15x8 SSR's that are on there now. I have no idea what manufacturer they are, but I know I've seen them of Land Cruisers and stuff.


These are what's on there now....




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To each their own. Shouldn't matter what other's think about them if YOU like them. Rims are a very personal choice for your truck, or any car. Many get it backwards and over-do the rims to the detriment of the style and beauty of the vehicle it's on. (unless it's a Honda, then who looks or cares) The vehicle is your personal expression! not the rims! They should compliment it and not draw the eyes from it. Harmony is the key. Wheels, tires, paint color, seats, all contribute to the WHOLE.


A Supreme Court justice once said about pornography: "I can't describe it, but I know it when I see it"...... I guess I'm saying that I like what I see! Trade up!

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:eek: :o :D :lol:


Hahahahaha!!!! I biggie dood. No offense taken. Sadly, the Integra in the back hasn't been on the road in years. Aside from it being notorious for failing emissions (it WAS a hawaii car; no emission laws) it draws really negative attention. I got tired of it. Now it sits, but I love it so much that I can't sell it. Full caged auto-x car soon. ;)




Thanks. Looks like I'm going to be buying tires soon. :)

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