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Weber DCOE Stock Jetting Information!


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I'm making this thread more current... A/O Nov 5, 2016


Links below have be checked, tested and updated.


There is a little program available that gives preliminary jetting information too.
I have it on my website.
Own risk: http://www.airpowerinsurance.com/zcar/jetting.exe


This link is dead.  However, I found it at the AlfaBB forum.  Scroll to the last post and follow the instructions.  We may want to host it on Ratsun... just a thought.





All the above links are good... The Jason Gray and Teglerizer links are reached via the WayBackMachine



More useful tuning info for DCOE's. Much of it is applicable to Mikuni side drafts also.


The above link works (TeriAnn's Triumph Web Pages).


Here are some additional Links:

Weber 40, 42, 45 DCOE Carburetor Exploded View (other types available at site)

Jetting Weber Carbs for High Altitude

Original Weber Jet Specs (new carbs)

Weber Carb Troubleshooting Guide


Weber Retailers:

Pierce Manifolds, Gilroy, CA

Redline Weber, Torance, CA

Weber Carbs Direct, Hauppauge, NY


I believe that the book book referenced by Radim in his original post was Pat Braden's Weber Carburetors It's about $21 on Amazon.



The book referenced by ggzilla is Haynes' Weber Carburetors Owners Workshop Manual. Now about $40 on amazon.



Both books have a recommended jet settings reference.


From my Pat Braden book:

Page 169 listing conversion kits and their jetting (I've penciled in the missind info on the Datsun single 45 DCOE application. The added info sourced from ggzilla post above.) Keep in mind that this info was from 1988 do the newer DCOEs like the 45 DCOE 152 is not listed.



Here is page 167 listing standard weber jetting by carb.



From ggzilla's post of page 190 from the Haynes book:



I believe that the columns in the image above reference the following:

A. Application

B. Carburetor type

C. Quantity of carbs

D. Main venturi

E. Auxiliary venturi

F. Main jet

G. Emulison tube

H. Air correction jet

I. Idle jet

J. Accelerator pump jet

K. Exhaust orifice

L. Needle valve

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I'm putting this here because the the classified section won't let me post without an "image," meaning a photo, I guess, which I don't know how to do.  I have a nice used Weber 40DCNF carburetor which would be ideal for somebody building a 510 street screamer.  I just finally decided I won't ever have an application for this cool piece of gear.  I can't see why an "image" is necessary because the man who wants this already knows what it is, or can find lots of images on-line.  Make me an offer by PM.  Sorry, I have looked, and have a good idea what it's worth.

An Alfa Giulietta Sprint, aw man, Ron, about 1974 I passed up a chance to get a non-running but very nice one for $800, HOW COULD i HAVE BEEN SO DUMB?????

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