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  1. speeder

    Danfiveten's Preserved 510 (yes finally revealing)

    Regarding the hesitaiton: You might try replacing the fuel pump. Your problem sounds similar to a problem I had. My 510 with stock L16 and Hitachi carb was running poorly intermittently. It would go lean and backfire through the carb. I tried everything, including testing the mechanical pump on there, which squirted fuel beautifully when you disconnected the line. I pulled the fuel tank, checked all lines, a huge pain. I put on a new/rebuilt carb. Nothing worked. I finally replaced the original fuel pump, which was a stock unit mounted on the side of the head, with a NOS 510 mechanical pump that I found new and the problem was solved. I should have done this first. I think the pump was less than $50, I think I got it on ebay. No fuel delivery problems since and I'm now running an LZ22 with DCOE's. Its very torquey, it guzzles fuel and the mechanical pump handles the job easily even at 100mph+ for sustained periods.
  2. speeder

    '72 510 Sedan Build - denis.drc - LOTS OF PICS!

    Way to tear into it. You are really moving here. I'm sure I'm not the only one curious to see the execution of the S13 front and rear suspension swap. Keep up the good work and documentation.
  3. speeder

    My sr20det Datsun 510 build saga...

    Go legal on these idiots! Spread the word online about their shop. Let us know for starters who they are so we all know to stay away. I share your sentiment about doing the work yourself. There are only a few places in the Bay Area I'd trust and they are usually quite expensive unless you're trying to shave fractions of a second off your lap time. There are so many amateur fools in the industry that you've really got to have solid info on the place before you give them your project. Don't give up Chris! I've been checking the 510/1600 forum waiting for an update about your project. Repo your car and get a fresh start. I bet you could work something out with the510keeper, but is seems crazy there shouldn't be someone who can get the job done well and fast in SoCal.
  4. speeder

    "The Rat Coupe" a 710 build

    NIce job Bob! I love the underhood paint job and Ratsun grill emblem. The car looks killer!
  5. speeder

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    A '73 610 2 door that looks savable for the nice price of $400, hiding in the redwoods along Highway 9 somewhere. I'm sure this will be gone soon. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/cto/3297091408.html
  6. speeder

    DD/Track KA Powered 4 Door 510

    Looks good. You may want to consider cutting your rear bump stops of you decide to lower the rear any more. Also consider solid mounting the rear crossmember. I used these poly crossmember bushings from TEP and they've held up well so far after a few thousand miles of abuse. http://www.racetep.com/datsunsusp.html
  7. You have to beat the Neons. Stay on target. Dominate in a Datsun. Airs will mostly be working at higher RPM's. What RPM range are you experiencing the stumbling? 1500-2000rpm is the transition from idle to main. 2000-6000 mains. 6K+ airs. The most common stumbling point is the transition from idle to main. Best thing to do here is go up on the idle size first. Are you running a 40/40 downdraft weber?
  8. speeder

    They call me Mello Yellow

    You guys have the best and probably the only Datsun restoration "residency" program in existence. Keep the awesomeness going.
  9. speeder

    yenpit's 1970 510 4 door beater!

    Looks killer! I drove a baby blue 4 door just like this for six years all though college in Colorado. It was a kick ass car. This one is a good one for Ratsun! In keeping with this kind of build, I recommend driving this car very very hard in the midwestern snow, gravel, and dirt.
  10. speeder

    Finally got a 510!!

    Good buy. I saw that car on CL and thought it looked like a good deal. I love the '69 side marker lights and the later model dash. I'm not sure how that happened, but I like it. That is a wicked starter 510. It already has some cool old school hot rod bits like the carbs, rims, steering wheel... Already been said but worth saying again: get it going as it is, run it hard, live the 510 dream. 510 handling is forever, among the best ever. Don't go overboard with mods, engine swaps, or other massive projects. Take the time to get it tuned so it runs right and it will be plenty fast. Getting it solid as it is will be a huge project. Finally regarding the back seat in a street car: in my younger years, I used my backseat and the back doors on my 4 door 510's all the time and often ran my cars hard with 3 or 4 people in them, offroad, on tarmac, gravel, in snow, any and all conditions. 20 years later, friends still tell me they remember ripping it up in my 510, laughing till they were begging for mercy, riding in the back. I used the back seat all the time in my 2 door 510's too, same story. I like having a back seat in my 510, and I still use it today to take my kids to school, carry dudes to the track or other driving events, whatever. I've heard the 240sx back seat fits in there perfectly with almost no mods, so that may be a good way to go. Get rear seatbelts too, because your passengers are going to want them.
  11. speeder

    My sr20det Datsun 510 build saga...

    Nice car! I love the 4 door and the fact that it's a 68. A very interesting choice, not the typical route. Your engine prep looks thorough. Keep up the good work! I like the look of this car as it is. If you lost the ugly upper side trim, and added some wheels and a little drop (but not a slam) that thing would be such a cool sleeper with an sr20det in it.
  12. speeder

    Weber DCOE Stock Jetting Information!

    More useful tuning info for DCOE's. Much of it is applicable to Mikuni side drafts also. http://www.expeditionlandrover.info/2trSite/WeberDCOEinfo.htm
  13. speeder

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    CL Helena, Montana. 42k. Cheap. A RATSUN special!! Car is not mine, I do not know the seller or the car. http://helena.craigslist.org/cto/2246153860.html
  14. speeder

    Save a 510 From Death [2 door edition]

    Awesomeness. Another resurrection. Strong work and nice attention to detail.
  15. speeder

    Targa CA, Paso Robles, 4/7-9

    I'm running this thing. See Bringatrailer.com, you may need to scroll down a page or two to see the post on this, the Targa California. Also here: http://www.nasaproracing.com/event/1220 I'm planning to run my 510, but if it's not ready yet, I'll run my 2000. Hopefully there will be some Ratsun representation among the big money "R Gruppe" Porsches and other Euro metal.

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