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where to get L20b head bolts


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2eDeYe' date='02 December 2007 - 03:46 PM' timestamp='1196639210' post='30422']

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Head bolts - cheapest I could find anywhere...local dealer wanted $120 for the L20 set....got a few extra with this and they're the turbo bolts...




USE SEARCH!!! :angry:

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Better than USE SEARCH just RE-USE. They are designed to be re-used as long as undamaged. Just clean thoroughly and with an well oiled rag. If full out racing then yeah replace. For all else save the $120 for something important.

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If it's just a stock motor, don't waste your money. Reuse your old ones, or go to the local pick and pull and rob the bolts out of another L. Stock compression doesn't need much to hold it down. Hit all the bolts on the wire wheel, chase the block holes with a tap, call it good.

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