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so the my better half hit my truck

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Guest kamakazi620

Damn, that was the fender I needed :poop:

Yer a PUNK!!!!!! I was gonna get you a fender an' ya backed out You PUTZ!!!!!! I'ma get ya one next weekend!!!! you owe me a BlumpkinZ210!!!!!!! just call me KawasakiZ620!!!!!

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Guest DatsuNoob

A while back, I was gonna buy one locally, but the seller's idea and my idea of good shape were totally different. :D I cant justify tossing on a wrinkled to shit fender on a truck I've spent over 2 years building. I've got plenty of shit laying around already :lol: Anyway, sorry to hear about your truck dude, atleast she missed the door and rocker, coulda been alot more work.

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LOL you guys are funny she felt really shity about it notice the barbie doll pic yup that's how it was. Nothin was to bad but the fender I had to tweak it a little it was rubbing on my hood. No I don't have a bead on a set of good fenders I see them every once in while. I want to buy a set and make molds out of them actually I want to make molds out of every good body panel on my truck so I have spares when ever I need them :D


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