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What a great week

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This week has been great. Monday I scored a set of 16x7 and 16x7.5 Epsilon Mesh Wheels. On Friday I got a Dream Job after being unemployed for a year and nine months. Later that Day I was given a good Ka trans and a KA24e Long block, with new after market pistons. And Today I bought a 71 510 2Dr That is solid and came with a lot of parts. I am a very Happy boy. Just wanted to share my good fortune. I knew if I kept my head up and just kept trying it would all come together, and it looks like it is. So now I have 2 good 510 2drs and a ton of spares. So now I have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what to do with all my new found good luck.

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Wow Congrats on the goodluck bro! Pics pics pics!! btw what job is it :P

I am going to be a Diesel Mechanic for MAN Marine Engines.

As for Pics, I forgot the camera when I bought the Car today. And Have not figured out how to post Pics. Hoping the GF can show my stupid ass how that works, or next time I see Shawn Or Jeff I will make them show me. Good with cars, Computers not so much :rolleyes:

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share that luck please i could really use it

Just don't give up. I have been barely getting by for a long time now. I had to borrow rent last month. Have been selling, trading, doing what ever I can mechanically to get by. I pay child support, and have barely made ends meet. I have just kept doing what I can and it has slowly been coming together.

So I believe if you just stay positive and do your best, some day you will get rewarded, and I have been Blessed this week.

So here is some good luck with you in mind Bonvo, you will get it.

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I'm happy for you, man! We should always share when things are good.


Every now and then I pass someone while biking to work who is in way worse shape than me, not that I'm that bad off, it's just that I really see that I have no right to bitch as much as I do. Last week I offhandedly said I was looking for a 5 bolt flywheel and immediately got an offer from Hang_510 (damn that was quick, thanks Brian) but even quicker was one from central BC delivered to Vancouver the next day. All I have to do is have someone slip it on the bus. Because of this offer, and chat with the guy, I have a line on a set of the JDM style chrome bumpers to replace my 710 'park benches'. So yeah, I've got some extra good luck to share with you bonvo. It's on it's way to you!

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I saw that on Craigslist..... was it really only $400???


Fruckin' schweet dude...


Yes it was only $400 and he had the title also. :D

Like I said a great week.

And the rust had all been cut out and replaced. Un-real

Don't know if I like what they did with the trunk floor, but that is really minor.

Oh yes there are 2 510's in Tacoma for $1000, Just amazed at what comes up for reasonable money.

Thank you all


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I was wundering who picked that up. Seemed like a good deal, good thing I'm a couple hours away

I got my first 2dr and a 2dr parts car out of Forest Grove OR. That was last may. Got a wagon out of spokane, and This one was close.

I like the adventure in getting new toys.

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I just wanted to share some new photos of my workplace. I love my new job.



And here are a few of the fab shop at my new job :D







I just wanted to share with the Ratsun world my good fortune. It is so nice to be working again, Being unemployed for almost 2yrs sucked. It is all coming together. The dime gets caged next week while I get to go to Beuford NC to fix a boat.



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Just wanted to show off some more of the shop.

We are currently Rebuilding two ten cylinder turbo diesel 900hp Engines.




Here are the pistons and liners, Sorry blocks cams and cranks are out being cleaned and Machined



Here is a pic of the engine I posted earlier. We finished them last week and I got to paint my first set of engines. It is not part of my job,but I was better than the painter they had so, now I'm stuck.





And here are pics of the new V8 Common rail MAN Diesel Engine. 1200hp, 4 Turbos, 3 Intercoolers. These are the shit.



We will have those ready to go in a few weeks. I will try and shoot a quick video for you all when we run them in the shop. The 800hp 6cyl sound sick. Cant wait to hear these spool up.

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