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Helped Flipped a 240Z!

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My buddy just got his 1971 240z back from the media blaster last week and helped build the rotisserie for it. Took us afew hours to get it on it on monday didn't leave his house till about 9:30-10pm after afew scary moments. Plans for the Z are a 2jz single turbo set-up and all the goodies for suspension/handling. And I get to wire this thing when it comes time.He plans on about a year to be done.





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So cool! Is it fabbed from two engine stands? Cause that would be brilliant!


Yep when my buddy first told me about how to build it I wasn't too sure but I guess he saw on Hybridz afew guys there were doing it that way. I guess it works. I told him if you hear a crash at night you know what it is.

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That's freakin' sweet! I was wondering about that, but I guess really the engine stands aren't too bad. The Harbor Freight ones do 750 pounds, so that's 1500 pounds total, and without all the interior/dash/motor/drivetrain, it's actually probably a pretty light shell. Maybe what, 1000 pounds? If that?

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I helped my old boss build a rotisserie w/ some engine stands. We used one of the ones w/ the worm gear in it, so you could just rotate it w/ the crank handle. Pretty cool.. I'd probably put some saw horses under that thing, just to be safe.. :unsure:

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