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510 Tail light bulb sockets

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I am working on my 72 2dr, needed some tail light bulb sockets, I had none :angry:. Got some From a guy tradin some parts :cool: . Any how I am stripping a 81 280zx, pull the taillights out, and find the correct style bulb socket :D . The 280zx ones are black in color but appear to hold up a lot better than the ones in the early Dimes. So I am going to use the 280zx ones and make some new looms for my car. I love how so many of these datsun parts work between cars. Figured I would pass on that info on, the 280zx are all over the PAP's so finding them should be easy.

Happy hunting



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Thanks Bryce, that's a good nugget of info there. I haven't seen a single set of those sockets in good shape in an older dime, so that'll be nice to be able to find a better, newer set in a 280zx.

Happy to help, I am a new datsun owner, less than a year now. So any problems I have, I'm sure other new 510ers have had also :rolleyes: . I just try to pass on the info. It can get really discouraging when you cant find simple pieces such as bulb sockets. We are all in this together. So I have learned a lot from fellow datsun owners, we have a lot of knowledge as a group. That is why this forum is so special. :D



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Now here's something interesting. I check 11,13, (TAMS II categories) no tail light sockets listed for 510. Or 280zx.


BUT, I start looking at other stuff, and I found a still available tail light socket listed for 74-78 B210s and 70 something to 80 something 310s. I'm pretty sure it's the same tail socket as the 510. I ordered a few tomorrow, I'll drag them home and compare. If they are the same, I'm going to bitch at TAMS to update the system, cause that will piss me off. So much stuff is actually available, it just doesn't come up on older models unless it's a freakin' GM product. Then we have parts listed into the 30s, still on the shelf. Bunch of horseshit.

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Ha HAAAAA! Got 'em. Did some digging, after finding no information for either 510 or 280z, found a cross to B210 and 310s, which guess, what, were the same! I have two brand new LS6253 Echlin light sockets that are for the stop lights, and they fit in my 71 510 tail lights just perfectly! Look identical. I'm going to submit a discrepency report also to include other models of Datsun that don't show up with that part number information.

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