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  1. jacimo98

    upper fulcrum pin dust seals/boots

    didn't really want to start a new thread..but figured it might be important to someone. and im under the gun so don't have a lot of time to figure out where to put this info. chad from chico! helped me find some boots/seals! thanks chad! anyway, Autry Morlan Nissan Dexter MO. 573 624 2772 don't remember the guys name, salesman 304 is on the invoice...part number...54510-73001...I think he has 1 more set of four...have a good day..Jon.
  2. jacimo98

    Rubber Grommet Site

    awesome thanks!
  3. jacimo98

    Fulcrum pin

    Hi Mike! got your uca bushing kit the other day! nice workmanship! I really want to thank you for posting this information, especially the videos.. I " I mean we" are in the middle of a senior project. and any info I find is a big help. we were supposed to be etching the frame today, and getting ready to spray por-15. that didn't happen, my kid got the flu..so I am tearing down the front suspension to send it out for media blast. and finding these videos today helped me to get a jist of how the teardown needs to go! as in careful with the cotter bolts! thanks man! all you guys are a huge help!
  4. jacimo98

    521 tension rods!

    The threaded part of the rod was so rusted through that when I was trying to remove them (after letting the PB blaster settle into it), they both twisted and broke off. We tried heat also. but nothing worked.
  5. jacimo98

    521 tension rods!

    thanks a lot I will p.m. him now!
  6. jacimo98

    521 tension rods!

    Okay, I have searched for hours! tried every source I could find here! from Chico Nissan.. To some junkyard in new mexico that I found thru car-part.com! Chico Nissan was very patient and helpful! the dude at the wrecking yard acted like I was an idiot for even trying to find parts for this thing! No offense to anyone! truly! but I spent 20+ thousand dollars on an automotive/autotronics/ diesel,education..and at least that much in tools..i don't have time to deal with some tweeker in a junkyard..acting like I'm an idiot..I know it already!! enough of my bitchin...you guys got any idea where I can find tension rods for a 72 521?? I'm dying over here. I talked my kid into doing a wheels to body,"frame-suspension-plumbing-brake upgrade-kingpin-fuel tank" resto..and im running short on time! any and all help will be appreciated..Jon.
  7. jacimo98

    521 parking brake bell cranks..

    Hi guys, first off I hate starting new topics. it seems like I put it in the wrong place all the time.. for that I am sorry. still learning.. anyhow I got a quick question about the pins in the bell cranks. that are connected to the frame on the parking brake system. one of them is closer to the drivers side, and one is in the center. (this one cantilevers the threaded rod going thru the cross member.) anyhow my son is doing a frame off. minus the body work. for his senior project, and we got hung up here. we pulled the cotter pins, expecting the pins to pull right up and out...not so much.we tried penetrating oil, heat, and a pretty good size ball peen! neither one of them want to move very far..we decided to stop and ask. instead of going all jiffy lube on it! any input would be appreciated..thanks.
  8. jacimo98

    mrbigtankers 521

    nevermind I didn't notice I was on page 1 of 175...haha..
  9. jacimo98

    mrbigtankers 521

    just wondering if you got to the coilovers yet....awesome pickup, a real inspiration!
  10. jacimo98

    Datsun 521 rear wheel cylinders

    Could you possibly be getting the service adjustment wheel confused with a wheel cylinder?
  11. jacimo98

    510 Tail light bulb sockets

    thanks guys just got some sockets today thanks to this awesome info!!!
  12. jacimo98

    led marker/signal,brake light conversions

    Hey thanks a lot guys! for the helpful and timely info! you have given me quite a bit to work with.I think we are gonna start at the beginning,with new fuse block/panels.probably a blade type from painless...whoever...but I was really thinking about the end user...lights! thanks again for the help.....Jon
  13. any of you good folks ever see led lights on a 521? doing a little frame off with my son,gonna build a new harness. and we were wondering if there were lights, kits,available.thanks for any help!
  14. jacimo98

    ID this trans

    hi guys, im the FNG. i just recently rescued a couple of 521's. and have not owned a datsun since 1985. A 72' 510 that was destroyed by a drunk driver. with me in it! me alone thank god! anyhow could you good folks direct me to a parts source or workshop manuals for manual transmission overhauls. Im just now getting started on one. that reportedly had lost Reverse and fifth. i pulled the tail housing off and i can pretty certainly tell you that, the gear set i was looking at was r-5. i am a technician. so im only partially stupid... i just need some reading material. to familiarize my self with what i have, before i ask to many open ended questions.. thanks for the help. sorry if this is in the wrong thread, i will learn this if it kills me!

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