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  1. 5dimer

    Rear coil overs for a 510!

    I have 0 offset wheels and they fit fine. But the ride height is very low all the way up.
  2. 5dimer

    BRE front fenders.

    Bump! Any offers?
  3. 5dimer

    BRE front fenders.

    I have a set of bubble BRE fenders that I'm not going to use 200 plus shipping. I will trade also I need a front windshield and the stainless that goes around. I will be going to Seattle Friday so I can bring them with me.
  4. 5dimer

    I got a two door again!

    Jeff is a cool person!
  5. 5dimer

    I got a two door again!

    Been sanding and grinding for days now! I got a fender from Jeff got it in the mail today so I'm getting much closer to having all my parts. I got an l20 with a z 5speed also.
  6. 5dimer

    Auto glass

    I need a 71 510 with gasket shipped to 84107!
  7. 5dimer

    I got a two door again!

    Cool thanks Dave!
  8. 5dimer

    my 69 and a half

    Man it looks really good!
  9. 5dimer

    I got a two door again!

    Made A front floor pan today and got it welded in.
  10. 5dimer

    I got a two door again!

    Got the front end all welded on today.
  11. 5dimer

    WTB 510 Fenders!

    I could send you the stuff to send them in if your willing to ship them?
  12. 5dimer

    WTB 510 Fenders!

    I'm looking for sum fenders for my 510 let me know what you have!

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