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My 620 Bagged bodydropped cantilevered


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Its actually in primer and yes the cantilever works very well. In fact I asked HACK when his was done and he said like 3 months after mine so if ever you see him say "first ever cantilever" its BS, I asked him nicely to change it. And yes the bean can is a perfect fit.wink.gif

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Well I have a laundry list of stuff I have done and am doing to the truck. its a 3" traditional body drop and about a 1" stockfloor due to all of the dragging I've done with it. I had some 5 inch wide pieces of 14 gauge steel bent into a Z shape to make the floor side plates. I have lots of pics of reinforcing the frame and some of the bodydrop I will add later. The reason i had to reinforce the frame was that I dragged all the way through the bottom of it and it was starting to bend in all these weird places. To answer the other questions possed, YES it was at the last Drop Zone, Yes when the front is at full lift I still can turn around in a sub-division but I have learned how to drive it less than a 1/2" off the ground most everywhere in town.


Almost forgot, I cut the stock bench seat 3" in the front and 4" in the back so when you are sitting in it you wouldnt know it was bodied. I also had to cut the stock steering shaft up and added the universal joint out of an Isuzu Trooper from the Junk Yard (heavily modified I might add). I didnt Z the core support section of the frame I just made a relief cut for the radiator to sit into the cross member and reinforced it. so I had to cut off the stock radiator support mounts and fab new ones.Photo_072608_006.jpgPhoto_072608_007.jpgPhoto_072608_008.jpgPhoto_072608_011.jpgPhoto_072508_006.jpgIMAG0014.jpgThis last pic is crappy sorry lotta phone pics in here.

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Im running 225 35 18 federal supersteel tires. They are available at Les Schwab. As for the cantilever it is in the front. The rear is called a bag on bar setup, It is a style of cantilever but I dont consider it that way. It does get more lift than bag over axel and rides one hell of alot better.

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look seriously dude your truck is really nice. but could you look at this and let me know what you think about it. "as for the mono semi airbag. i did some thought on this and i think i am also gunna do this. i was thinking about finding the largest airbag possible and mounting it in the center of the bed right behind the cab and using a cantilever system to raise and lower the rear by having two pivot points between the bag and axle and then having to rods run down to the axle. i had also thought about the side to side movement but i feel sure that the shocks would control a large part of this. what do you guys think?"

"what if you simply took a straight bar and mounted it between the two cantilever arms then it would make it a solid piece right and then made brakets on the side of the top of the bag and mounted a shock on either side of the bag then the cantilever is solid and the bag is somewhat solid but will still go up and down. or am i looking at this wrong?"

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thanx for the hellos. As for the mono bag, a friend of mine is doing the same thing and I will suggest the same thing to you that I said to him, make a sway bar that can handle the travel. And make sure you have 4 valves for the front bags.



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welcome dude! glad to see yuh on here. are you gonna end up radiusing the corners of your cantilever brackets? i think it would help improve the look of an allready awesome looking 620. your truck looks good dude, would be nice to see a true cantilever setup in the rear also eventually. craftsmanship looks good, how hard is it to get in and out of that thing? haha

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