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70 521 L16 stock distributor Q????

Chris Haines

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ok i need help wiring up my stock distributor, i plan on upgrading the system in the near future but for now i just need to get the truck running again.


i heard it run previous to buyin it. when i got home the wires were all disconnected.


i am still lookin for the info myself but if anyone can help narrow this down a lil faster that would be great.



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How did the wires become disconnected? I dont get this. ALL the wires got disconnected?????????


Is this a dual point distributor???????????



this is simple. either wait for me to gt the color codes or get a volt meter. turn key to ON.

The blk/ wht will have 12volt on it with key ON. that goes to the ballast resisitor. the other side will go to the +side coil. there might be 2 wires in that lug as the 2nd wire will be the HOT start wire. means it gets 12 volt during start and bypasses the ballast. If you want to make sure disconnect the starter wire. then have sometbody but key in START and you should get 12volts in the female blade connector. If yes this hooks up to the +side coil.


or just wait if I feel like going out to my truck.


Now I not positive all 521 are the saem as the ealeier ones I have seen different alternator set up ects......



why dont you tell me what colors you have and description ,what hooked up whats not or better yet a photo.

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It looks to me like some attempted to use another style coil setup. Not sure. There was another coil in there but this is no the one that was used when i heard it run. Then when i purchased the truck and got it home. All the wires were dissconected. Im not sure if you can make out anything from the pics i posted in my thread or album. That is how it was previous to me gettin it home.


I just know i heard it run and now for some unknown reason, the wires were disconnected and i have nothin to go off and no parts stores in my area so far have or can get the book on 521's

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This is a EZ fix.

But you never said if this was a dual or single point dizzy. As you listed a 70 some 70s still could have a 69 single point installed

But anyways


the blk /wht wire will go to the ballast resisitor(white ceramic block). the other end of the ballast resistor will be a blk/red wire that goes to the + side of coil.(should have 2 wires going into it)


I got a blk/yel and a blu/ wht wires(2 wires) that goes to the - side of coil. This is on my truck(which I dont need as I have electronic now.


On the distributor its self the main set of points will be the side with the big capcitor on the disde of the dizzy. On my 510 this is a blk /red wire. but Im not positive on a 521 as I seen soemone had a different color. Maybe MIke Klotz or Datzenmike and explain more. If not sure just swap them around and see if it runs



Now get back to the owner and ask what he did. Cause if there is NO ballast resisitor hooked up and he installed a lower ohm coil in there the point will just burn up.



PS I cant believe all the wires just fell off.

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Is there 2 condensors on the distributor? Or 1?

If you still cant figure it out. pull the Dizzy cap off by unclipping it then look inside and see if you see 1 or 2 set of contack sets.


Now since you never anwsere my ? about the ballast resisitor.


hook it up like I said. blk/wht wire to ballast resisitor. the other end will be a blk/red wire to the +side coil. Now fuck the other wires if you cant figure this out. Make a blk wire with a femaile blade connector. plug it into the dizzy with the big capcitor on the side. then take that wire to the minus side of the coil.


Datzenmike or Mklots or GGzilla can help from here as I give up

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send a photo of your set up on this post as I havent seen it.


Not to get to involved the 2nd set of is not needed to get this running.


but its hard to believe all the wires came off. most times only one wire will come off. but all and you drove it home.


This is a EZ fix but take your time. As I can see your a young guy not familiar with POINT systems. This and carbs can kill alot of DATSUN owners to regulate this vehicle to the back yard or junkyard.


These are EZ vehicles to maintain but ,you will have to maintain them alot as they are old and stuff breaks on them. Points are horrible and most of my proplems have been point related over the years



PS The instructions I gave are for the stock point coil and w/ballast resisitor. Now if anything was changed and not mentioed I cant gareentee this wont burn up the coil or points if a wrong value coil is stalled or the ballast resisitor is not used.

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Thanks again i will give your input a shot, as far as what is setup and what isnt, your guess is as good as mine, i can see it and dont know what i got, and you could fix but cant see what i got. I will for sure look to upgrade to ei asap but i just wanted to get it running for now so i can pinpoint other problems.


If your still interested i will let ya know what happens?

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Believe me it would be great to get it running.

Id like to see more Datsuns pulled out from back yards and running. I have seen it done on here.


But really depends on the owner



At home I have a Pertronix dizzy ready to get installed. But I go to Datsun events and still still points. Youd think there be a line at my house soembody wanteing this locally. But no I still have it. Nobody gots money

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Ok so i hooked it up like you said. I went and bought a new resistor.

I ran the blk/white to the resistor.

Then on the other end of the resistor i ran one of the two ends from the black/red into the resistor and the other to the positive side of the coil.

Then i ran a solid black from dizzy to the negative side of the coil


it started cranking, but i saw a lil smoke from the coil and resistor area....... So i stopped.


Any help or anything i should change before i catch this thing on fire..... Thought id ask... Better safe than sorry

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If you have the old resisitor thts OK.

A Datsun resisitor is about 1.6 ohms but if its 1.2 to 1.8 ohms I say that OK.


a new resisitor will smoke seomtimes. I think?


A good thing to do is pull the center coil wire and place it near ground(chassis) and see when starting if the coil wire is sparking. If yes then your points are working. if not maybe they need to be adjusted. Careful you might need 2 people and beware of getting shocks holding that coil wire

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Ok yea so i went back out there and hooked it back up and cranked on it a lil more and it stop the somkin so i took the resistor back off and looked it over and there wasnt any sign of it burnt so i tried again and its still not smokin... It still just cranks but wont fire, im waitin on my friend to get here to help cause like you said its hard to watch from both sides....

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ok you did this,

Then i ran a solid black from dizzy to the negative side of the coil


thats great now, that blk wire(you ran) should be on the side of the dizzy where the big Condensor is. which I believe is near the head/thermosstat side. this will be your MAIN set of points. If the points are gapped correctly (.022) or a little more than matchbook thickness. it should fire the coil. If this was running before I can ONLY assume it was OK.

When the points are closed it really grounds the coil. the positive side has power on there already. So when the points OPEN the mag field is lost and goes thru the 2nd windings of the coil then out the center part of coil.


when you do this ck the the dizzy cap does not has to be on the dizzy. so you can watch the points work, Usually there is a little sparking on the points.

Take the coil wire plce near a bolt(less than 1/4 inch) or soemthing that looks like a solid grounded chassis piece and have yr buddy turn it over and hopefully you get a snapping spark. If Yes then its all correct place cap back on (1 3 4 2 Cunter clockwise is the fire order)


IF NO SPARK, ck the point Gap.


I will assume you have 12volts at the ballast resisitor and about 6-9 volts at the coil when Key is ON.



Find a 50 yr old guy they know how to do POINTS

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when you get it running good ,idleing

feel the coil and or ballast if its getting HOT. If no then its most likely good.If HOT you nned to get another ballast of higher ohms. Really find out what you have in there.



I suggest you get a turbo type muffler or a stock type.


get a volt meter and ck stuff.


best to get new juper cables also. ck the fuses and or get new ones.

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