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  1. Chris Haines

    turbine Western Wheels

    nice... love the 4 lug look.
  2. Chris Haines

    pic of your truck

    i like it so much... very cool
  3. Chris Haines


    no i aint went to far, just been gettin stuff done from time to time. got alot goin on with openin my new gym. and yea i was never a big fan of the aztec they were a pretty f'n ugly desighn. i really like the slots to. i plan on using the other rims but your right i love how period correct it looks. we'll see what happens. having some alternator/charging issues at the moment. i will get it straightend out tho. ive learned so much on this truck.
  4. Chris Haines


    yea its gonna get the other wheels so i am waiting to get all new tires on them then i will see how low i can go. thanks for the comp on the bike. i painted it pontiac aztec gold with some pearl and more flake and thats what i got. its fun to cruise on.
  5. Chris Haines

    pic of your truck

    Current state:
  6. Chris Haines


    Photochopped my truck. lowered it and put my gyms logo on the door shop truck style. the black and purple is actual paint. what ya think? i still plan on changing the wheels and probably gonna roll the fenders to tuck the 15 x 10's. before after
  7. Chris Haines

    got me sum fender flares

    in the 6th pic down on your pic post. drivers side front corner. it looks so sick. great pic.
  8. Chris Haines

    Replacement Headlight switch

    i can send you pics and how too on what i did with my 70 521???
  9. Chris Haines

    Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!

    thanks. i cant wait to get them all mounted with new rubber. its gonna look so sick.
  10. Chris Haines

    Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!

  11. Chris Haines

    my first 70' 521..wichita kansas

  12. Chris Haines

    is it my turn signal switch thats bad?

    thank you i will try that.
  13. Chris Haines

    is it my turn signal switch thats bad?

    thats why i think/thought maybe its in the switch. im confused on what it can be.
  14. Chris Haines

    is it my turn signal switch thats bad?

    i have headlights, brake lights, runnin lights left side turn signal front and back no right side turn signal(front or back). but all four corners flash when my hazards are on. would it be the switch in my column. i pulled the steering wheel off and i cant see anything physicaly wrong with it when i flip the turn signal switch from left to right. it looks to be doin what its suppose to. i can hear the relay click one time then nothin. ideas anyone?
  15. Chris Haines

    521 Dash

    i need a good straight dash for my 70 521. anyone by chance have one? mine was a cut up mess when i got the truck and i just cant stand lookin at it. it hurts me to see how they tried to fit a stereo in there.

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